LEADERSHIP: Premier Doug Ford Announces Tough CRACKDOWN On Returning ISIS Terrorists

Finally, a leader in our country has the guts to take action.

As Justin Trudeau continues to fail the Canadian People by putting the rights of ISIS terrorists above the safety of law-abiding Canadian Citizens, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is taking action.

While Ford is limited in what he can do because dealing with terrorists is mostly a federal matter, the Ontario government still has some authority, and Ford is using that authority to stand up for what is right.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“If you leave Canada to go fight for ISIS, you should not be welcomed back with open arms. Since Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to take this seriously, MPP is taking action to send a message that there are consequences for leaving Ontario to commit indefensible crimes.”

As reported by the Toronto Sun, the Ford Government will introduce legislation that strips returning ISIS terrorists of the ability to get a drivers license, and strips them of health coverage:

“Set to be tabled at Queen’s Park next week, the Terrorist Activity Sanctions Act targets those who’ve carried out terrorist acts abroad and excludes them from such privileges as holding an Ontario driver’s licence or accessing provincial health coverage.

“It’s my strong belief that somebody who’s committed a criminal act as a terrorist outside of Canada, when they come back to Ontario, they should not have more privileges than somebody who lives in Ontario,” said Peterborough—Kawartha MPP Dave Smith, the bill’s sponsor.”

This is a great move by the Ford Government. The Canadian People have a provincial leader who is standing up for our national interests, our safety, and basic human decency.

Ford’s move also shows how totally absent strong leadership is at the federal level. This all should have been taken care of by the Trudeau government. They should have taken military action to eliminate the ISIS terrorists overseas, they should have stripped ISIS terrorists of their citizenship, and they should have banned them from ever stepping foot on Canadian soil.

But with the Trudeau government failing to take any action to protect Canadians, strong leadership from the Ford government is the next best thing, and Ford’s tough crackdown on ISIS terrorists is a great thing to see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Tom Clark

Great news

Andrew MacVicar

Please post details of Trudeau and and the White Helmets!!!!
According to CBC and all the main stream propagnada braodcasters, the WHs are Saints and heroes … many of us know different. Everything we have been told about Syria is a LIE! That goes for Russia as well…but the WHite Helmets need to be exposed and so does this bizarre and corrupt Trudeau regime!

Glen Aldridge

Thank you Mr. Ford! There just might be intelligent life out there.


Wow! We finally have a Politician who loves Canadians and Canada. I have been happy with everything that Doug Ford has done so far. We are very proud to have a leader like Doug Ford in Ontario. It is really too bad that he is not the Prime Minister, as we would have our Canada Back by now! May God Bless Doug Ford!


Leaders Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, Faith Goldy all have common sense law and order and border security policies; Unlike Beavis and Butthead and their court jesters in the liberal party.


Thankyou Doug Ford!!!

Elizabeth Thorne

How very un-PC of Doug Ford, a politician who looks after CANADIANS.

Roger Shelswell

The first step in stopping this insanity is stopping the insane Trudope.The dope is totally out of control.


Doug Ford and Conservatives are the best. The unfortunate U.N. run lieberal puppets taking over and destroying our mostly law abiding citizens and our country and hate us Canadians, need many good strong Doug Fords for the people of Canada to get our country back and working as an undivided nation again. To have a good strong country we need strong boarders, equal for every Canadian fair laws and good justice and order with the best respected police, who respect us and our children, we need useful educations and jobs back etc. We are lucky to have Doug Ford, he… Read more »


As an old English Baron wrote many years ago ” having power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” Doug Ford is a good leader but is working for us and with us, but Trudopers want absolute power and are not working for us, but for greed and power.

Norbert Kausen

Doug has my absolute support!!


One tiny step for Ontario, let this be the start of a giant step for Canada.


Good to know the citizens of Canada have someone looking out for them.


What ever Doug Ford can do as Ontario premier I welcome it whole heartedly. I cannot understand the feferal liberals how tgey can welcome these hate filled killers back into Canada. The ISIS ideology is hate towards Christians n Jews, kill their men, enslave their wonen, blow up their churches n synagogue’s. Is that the kind of Canadians we want back home?

Moe. S.

Politicians with some common sense, who are not buying the ‘foreign travelers using bad practices’ label for ISIS terrorists preferred by Trudeau & Min. Goodale. Trudeau will use the name calling approach he is known for against Ford, i.e., Islamophobic, bigot, racist, or unCanadian. And Maryam Monsef MP Liberal for Peterborough, Ont. will certainly lecture Dave Smith MPP Conservative for Peterborough. “Go Doug Go.”

S Willis

Spencer, why do you not allow posters to edit and/or delete their comments prior to your posting of them? I noticed a mistake in the 2nd. last sentence in my post above that leaves the sentence jumbled but I am unable to correct it. I believe that at one time you used to allow editing/deletion did you not? Please re-instate these options. Thank you.

Werner K

Tough crackdown blah blah … If you believe this fat slab…

Wendy Lush

Unfortunately these Jihadi Jacks can always bypass Doug Ford’s (reasonable) legislation proposals by simply moving to another province. Most of the problems in Canada today can be summed up in one word: Trudeau.


It’s about time we had a Government Official take a stand against rather than support ISIS and any other criminal that left Canada to support the enemy when these murdersstart facing judges for war crimes and TRAITOROUS crimes are getting very large sentences to rot in prison there should be death penalty for treason harbouring murder assisting in the above mentioned crimes we can make Canada a great place to live

John Duguay

Not only the ISIS operatives who have left Ontario need to be sanctioned but also their wives and kids and these sanctions need to be applied across the country. These people did kill our allies and Canadian soldiers and are treasonous and they must be imprisoned for 20 years to life for their treason . Citizenship can and must be revoked. Canadian citizens must be imprisoned. All benefits must be rescinded from them. For the ones already in our midst, they need to be put in prison immediately.

David Cameron

Good for Ford but he should also include in the bill that Ontario will not recognize a driver’s licence from anywhere in the world. It should also include terrorists can never wear any clothes especially in winter and they can’t use public transit. Hitch hiking only would be allowed although I suspect it will be difficult for a naked terrorist to get a ride.


Doug Ford is a hero of our time.