LEADERSHIP: Premier Doug Ford Announces Tough CRACKDOWN On Returning ISIS Terrorists

Finally, a leader in our country has the guts to take action.

As Justin Trudeau continues to fail the Canadian People by putting the rights of ISIS terrorists above the safety of law-abiding Canadian Citizens, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is taking action.

While Ford is limited in what he can do because dealing with terrorists is mostly a federal matter, the Ontario government still has some authority, and Ford is using that authority to stand up for what is right.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“If you leave Canada to go fight for ISIS, you should not be welcomed back with open arms. Since Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to take this seriously, MPP is taking action to send a message that there are consequences for leaving Ontario to commit indefensible crimes.”

As reported by the Toronto Sun, the Ford Government will introduce legislation that strips returning ISIS terrorists of the ability to get a drivers license, and strips them of health coverage:

“Set to be tabled at Queen’s Park next week, the Terrorist Activity Sanctions Act targets those who’ve carried out terrorist acts abroad and excludes them from such privileges as holding an Ontario driver’s licence or accessing provincial health coverage.

“It’s my strong belief that somebody who’s committed a criminal act as a terrorist outside of Canada, when they come back to Ontario, they should not have more privileges than somebody who lives in Ontario,” said Peterborough—Kawartha MPP Dave Smith, the bill’s sponsor.”

This is a great move by the Ford Government. The Canadian People have a provincial leader who is standing up for our national interests, our safety, and basic human decency.

Ford’s move also shows how totally absent strong leadership is at the federal level. This all should have been taken care of by the Trudeau government. They should have taken military action to eliminate the ISIS terrorists overseas, they should have stripped ISIS terrorists of their citizenship, and they should have banned them from ever stepping foot on Canadian soil.

But with the Trudeau government failing to take any action to protect Canadians, strong leadership from the Ford government is the next best thing, and Ford’s tough crackdown on ISIS terrorists is a great thing to see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter