Maxime Bernier Supports Bill That Would Expunge Past Pot Possession Convictions

Says criminal justice system “should focus on real criminals.”

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier says he will support a bill introduced by NDP MP Murray Rankin that would expunge past pot possession convictions in cases where those convictions were for low-level, non-violent violations.

Rankin’s bill would fully expunge – rather than just pardon – those past convictions.

The issue of pardons has raised some concern, since a pardon still shows up on someones record, while an expungement would remove the record entirely.

On Twitter, Bernier said he would support the legislation:

“I will support this bill. Our criminal justice system should stop making life difficult for the half million peaceful Canadians with a record for simple pot possession, and should focus on real criminals.”

Bernier’s move fits with his support for the principles of smaller government, respecting individual freedom, and focusing limited state resources on the most serious crimes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter