Saudi Arabia Arrests 18 People, Say Kashoggi Died After ‘Fight’ In Consulate

Two officials close to crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have been fired.

For the first time, Saudi Arabia has admitted in an official statement that journalist Jamal Kashoggi was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.

Saudi Arabia had previously said he left the consulate, and tried to shift blame elsewhere.

According to Reuters“The investigations are still underway and 18 Saudi nationals have been arrested,” the statement on state media said, adding that royal court adviser Saud al-Qahtani and deputy intelligence chief Ahmed Asiri have been fired from their positions.”

The Saudi’s claim Kashoggi died in a ‘fight.’ Of course, few people will actually buy that excuse, as it’s ‘odd’ for someone to be hacked to death with a bone saw after losing a fight.

The death of Kashoggi has led to increased tensions between the Saudi regime and the West.

However, many have pointed out the fact that the establishment media didn’t care about Saudi Arabia’s oppression of religious minorities, killings of thousands and causing a famine in Yemen, funding of terrorism, and horrendous treatment of women. Yet, when a journalist is apparently killed, all of a sudden the media is focused on Saudi Arabia.

It has also been noted that Kashoggi was a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.

Still, the Saudis seem concerned by the backlash, and there is growing speculation that Mohammed bin Salman could either lose some of the vast power he was given by his father, or be eased out of power altogether as a result of the growing debacle.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube