Trump Adviser Kudlow Says White House Official Called Trudeau “That Little Punk Kid”

Kudlow made the remarks at a dinner in Washington.

At a dinner in Washington D.C., Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow shared details on how a White House official referred to Justin Trudeau.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, here’s what Kudlow said:

“A friend of mine in the White House, who will go unnamed, said, ‘You know, I know why you’re supporting this deal Larry, it’s because we made a deal. We didn’t walk away, we didn’t end it, we made a deal. Alright? ‘Spite that little punk kid running Canada, we still made it,’” Kudlow said, referring to Trudeau. “And I’ve had some wonderful run-ins with him.”

The reported comment is the latest in a series of events that – despite the recent signing of the USMCA – have shown deteriorating relations between Canada and the U.S.

While much of the Canadian establishment media has pinned all the blame for the tensions on the Trump Administration, the Trudeau government bears significant responsibility as well.

As an example, Chrystia Freeland recently was a headline speaker at an event called “Taking on The Tyrant,” which included images and video of Donald Trump alongside leaders like Xi Jinping, and Bashar Al Assad, implying that the democratically elected Trump was somehow in the same category as unelected dictators.

Freeland’s attendance did not go unnoticed by the White House, and the Trudeau government has repeatedly put virtue-signalling to their globalist friends ahead of strengthening our relationship with our closest ally.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ben Eby

That is an expected statement from high places around the world. Trudeau’s signature buffoonery does not go unnoticed!

fred Dimmick

Well, no surprise, he is a little punk kid.


The USA has the corrupt baby Trudoper and Lieberals/ndp, finally, powdered and diapered. If we could just have honest adults with common sense as leaders in our country, as we had with Mr. Harper we could still be holding our heads up. Vote Conservative, and if we are not too far gone by the election, hopefully they can get Canada back off the globalist dictators at the U.N. Trudoper and puppets obey. How embarrassing, yet again.


Don’t compare Trump who is doing a great job and cares about America while Trudeau is just a dumb uneducated punk kid with no knowledge of politics and could care less about the damage he is doing to Canada.


Gerri I wish we were lucky enough to have an adult like Trump, not a baby trudoper.


Love it! “that little punk kid”. They were being kind if that’s all that was said! i could think of a lot harsher words to describe Canada’s leader. Good, hope they take action on that “punk kid” and start securing the border on their side, putting a stop to the illegals coming from the US that jeopardize the American’s safety just as much as ours!

Norbert Kausen

A very astute observation!

louis Joannette



Kudlow was much too kind just calling Trudeau “punk kid”. There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe this moron, and they wouldn’t be kind, only truthful!

Brian Dougan

“That little punk kid running Canada. Must be a misquote…surely he said “ruining” Canada?

Don Taylor

The Trudeau govt Is completely to blame for their stupid antics and even stupider remarks

Ken (Kulak)

Larry Kudlow is right.