Unlike Anti-Democratic Trudeau, Ford Government Actually Plans To Consult Public On Environmental Plan

Listening to The People. What a concept.

Canadians are turning against Justin Trudeau’s hated carbon tax.

A big reason the tax has become so unpopular is that Trudeau has refused to listen to The People.

As economic warnings began to add up, and as people made clear the carbon tax would have a devastating impact on our pocketbooks and would hurt Canadian businesses, the Trudeau government ignored it all – pushing their tax despite all opposition.

Predictably, Trudeau’s anti-democratic approach backfired miserably, and the anti-carbon tax coalition is growing.

So, the Ford Government in Ontario – elected on a strong commitment to truly listen and represent The People – is taking a different approach. They are holding public consultations on the crafting of their climate plan. And while ‘public consultations’ by politicians are often pathetic frauds, the Ford government has done good keeping their promises so far, and the consultations may end up being legit.

Here’s what the Ontario government said in a press release:

“Ontario’s Government for the People is inviting the public and businesses to have their say on how Ontario can deal with environmental challenges such as climate change.

“We share an opportunity to work together to tackle the big environmental challenges that currently face our province and, indeed, the entire world,” said Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. “At the same time, Ontario has many resourceful and innovative individuals and businesses – we want to hear from you on how best to balance a healthy economy with a healthy environment.”

The public can now comment on some key areas of focus for Ontario’s new plan, which will replace the previous government’s insistence on imposing a punishing, job-killing carbon tax on Ontario families and businesses, and instead focus on collaborative approaches that will actually help the environment.

In particular, the consultation will focus on resiliency efforts, pollution reduction and how government can better partner with the private sector on sustainable solutions.

The government’s new made-in-Ontario environment plan will be released for formal feedback later this fall. It is a comprehensive environmental plan to build a resilient Ontario that protects waters and air, cleans up communities and encourages conservation.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube