Warning: Carbon Tax Will Increase Airfares, Send Business To U.S. Say Canadian Airlines

Carbon tax is “worst tool” to deal with emissions says National Airlines Council of Canada.

An organization representing Canadian airlines says the carbon tax will make airfares more expensive, and even result in Canadians increasingly using U.S. airports to escape the higher costs.

According to BNN Bloomberg, “The National Airlines Council of Canada sent letters to three federal ministers Friday cautioning the government about the reduction the levy would cause to revenues as well as marginal domestic routes. Lobby group president Massimo Bergamini says a carbon tax is “the worst tool” to reduce emissions, with fuel an inflexible demand that often amounts to airlines’ biggest expense.”

Airlines will have to pay the hated-carbon tax on federally governed flights. For flights within provinces, the tax scheme is still being worked out – but it will certainly take a toll on those flights as well.

This is just the latest example of how the carbon tax will hurt Canadian consumers and damage Canadian companies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Years ago I read that “one day” at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport created as much pollution as all the cars and trucks in Canada could produce in one whole year. The reason this info stuck in my mind was because at that time we lived on a farm, with huge barn roofs, we collected rain water for our cisterns, to water our livestock, mixing in our very hard water from the wells if water started getting low. The airport at Mount Hope was picking up business and they did not want the planes flying over any of Hamilton, so our… Read more »

Moe. S.

This news certainly won’t affect our absentee Prime Minister’s jetting around the globe. Skippy Trudeau flew off to the Ivory Coast and Nigeria just before Minister of Finance Morneau had to explain why the deficit is 3x larger than expected. I look forward to seeing Skippy’s plane grounded to a halt and he’s given the boot come to the 2019 election.