Which Is It? Trudeau Government Brags About Economy, Yet Morneau Uses ‘Economic Weakness’ As Excuse For Endless Deficits

The government can’t even get their lies organized.

The federal budget deficit in the 2017-2018 fiscal year was $19 billion, nearly $3 billion higher than what the Finance Department fiscal monitor had predicted in May.

And a line in recent CP report on the budget deficit is quite interesting:

“Morneau has cited a weaker-than-expected economy for the bigger shortfalls as well as a need to make investments to lift Canada’s long-term growth.”

So, the Trudeau Liberals are on the one hand trying to brag about the economy, but the finance department is using ‘economic weakness’ as an excuse for running endless budget deficits.

Which is it?

The reality is that it’s neither.

The economy is certainly weak, but the reason for budget deficits is because of  reckless spending by the Trudeau government.

They’ve had three years in power, and they’ve totally broken their balanced budget pledge, they’ve raised taxes on all Canadians – which is only going to get worse with the hated carbon tax – and they’ve failed to help create a strong economy.

Of course, it’s no surprise to see these failures from a group of people who thought the budget would “balance itself.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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fred Dimmick

Gee, I thought they made “a significant investment” in the oil business. I wonder how well that’s working out for our economic growth?

Joseph Pasher

Umm daa ummm.. Don’t worry, the budget will balance itself


We have unbalanced lying big spending U.N. pot puppets as rulers, when we NEED an honest, law abiding (once we get Canada’s laws back on track) government FOR Canada, fiscally responsible, getting us back working again as a country, so we can pay down the huge debt these very bad LIEberals/ndp have made. The Trudopers puppets with their social justice warriors who cannot add or subtract, and are more worried about our sexual preferences and how increasing our psychiatric abilities with their legal pot and drugs, they think are great, and any criminal is welcome here, etc. etc. 2019 is… Read more »

James Stewart

Interesting that income tax brought in an extra $9.9B but it was indicated earlier that the wealthiest Canadians actually paid $4B less so I guess the middle class paid an extra $13.4B since the lower incomes do not pay anything.

Eric Blair

I also noted this from above “as well as a need to make investments to lift Canada’s long-term growth”. Yeah, they made investments alright… like an already existing pipeline for starters with very little chance of having it twinned. They have driving investments money away from Canada either that originally from Canada or from outside of Canada so no investment from the private sector. The trouble is with the latter is that it’s impact have not be felt as of yet. Wait until the much vaulted pot sector comes crashing down to earth with all that investment money going up… Read more »


The reality is, the world, not just Canada is in economic free fall and they are desperately trying to prop everything up with stimulus spending. Canadians are no better off after 3 years of big deficits as the latest data shows Canadian household debt has once again crept back up to 169%.

The crash may have been delayed, but there is no avoiding it. Canadians better start preparing.