LANDSLIDE: John Tory Re-Elected Mayor Of Toronto, Keesmaat Soundly Defeated

Tory won nearly two-thirds of the vote.

John Tory has been re-elected Mayor of Toronto in a landslide victory.

Left-wing socialist Jennifer Keesmaat – who floated insane ideas like Toronto seceding from Ontario – was soundly defeated.

Faith Goldy and Saron Gebresellassi rounded up the top four.

Tory’s win was declared quickly after results came in, with his wide margin leaving little room for doubt.

Here are the key results: (percentages may change slightly as the final count is completed)

TORY – 63%


GOLDY – 3%


The Toronto Election was the first under the 25 councillor slate, after the Ford government slashed Toronto City Council to save money and increase efficiency.

Patrick Brown may achieve political redemption

With the race for Brampton Mayor not yet called, former PC Leader Patrick Brown (who lost his role as Ontario Opposition Leader after a seemingly-flawed CTV story – for which CTV is now being sued), had a narrow lead.

Brown was around 44-45%, while his closest opponent Linda Jeffrey was around 41-42%.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jill Ward

lol, torontonians get what they deserve. Toronto is a sewer and a haven for criminals and illegal guns.
enjoy !!


CTV (aka) Bell Media sued by Pat Brown and now Faith Goldy. Hope they lose bigtime in court. I feel very sad about the level of corruption in our so called ‘free’ country these days. A parliamentary democracy is, apparently, very vulnerable to manipulation by authoritarian ‘liberal’ leaders.


Unfortunately by design, Faith Goldy was railroaded by main stream media, banned from debates, screwed over by Bell & Rogers so she wasn’t able to advertise her campaign & suffered prejudice from a political activist disguised as a Judge who wouldn’t look at her legitimate law suit against Bell Media for defaulting on her paid advertising. The system is rigged. Is this how the cancer known as trudeau got elected.

Dave Bainard

Tory must realize that his win was tainted by the fact that MSM illegally blocked a serious contender.

Mark Fortier

There are too many electronic electoral voting complaints for this result in Toronto to be considered legitimate! These election system problems that are increasing not decreasing are illegitimizing elections within Canada regardless of how large the win is claimed to be, or how close the win may have been such as at the Conservative leadership election of destroyed, disappeared ballots of a Scheer “win”! WE have a serious issue of electoral integrity within Canada at every form of “election”!

don morris

I disagree that Keesmat’s idea that Toronto secede from Ontario is “insane”. I wish they would be given city/state status,so they can create their own socialist paradise and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Every bozo idea that comes up from the Left originates in Toronto,carbon taxes,gun control,handgun bans, affirmative action, you name it,it started in Toronto.

Best idea I’ve heard in a long time.


A lot of stupid people in Hog Town


It seems that a version of an election has taken place. Without meaningful discussions between candidates and media blackouts of those running our politics and fairness that Canada once stood for is now a thing of the past. Toronto will suffer and rightfully so as this corrupted political leadership takes control again. People of Toronto will pay the price of backwater and possible illegal election proceedings. Media coverage and a fair election is a thing of the past. Need new laws or bring back the old ones that gave equal opportunity for all and allow the people to choose. Now… Read more »


What is wrong with Toronto and Mississauga? Media Corruption by these Corrupt Candidates is alive and well.
I thought that Toronto and Mississauga had a lot of smart people. I was WRONG!