POLL: Liberals 36%, Conservatives 35%, Liberal Support On Downward Trend

The NDP is far behind.

A new Ipsos poll first reported by Global News shows the Liberals and Conservatives neck-and-neck, while the NDP lags far behind.

The Liberals are at 36%, the Conservatives are at 35%, and the NDP are far behind with 20%.

Here are the key regional breakdowns:

B.C. – Liberals 40%, Conservatives 30%, NDP 26%

Alberta – Conservatives 63%, Liberals 18%, NDP 16%

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – Conservatives 47%, Liberals 25%, NDP 20%

Ontario – Liberals 36%, Conservatives 36%, NDP 24%

Quebec – Liberals 45%, Conservatives 22%, Bloc 16%, NDP 13%

Atlantic – Liberals 43%, Conservatives 32%, NDP 17%

The Ipsos poll is quite different from a recent Forum Research poll, which had shown the Conservatives with a 41% – 32% lead over the Liberals.

However, while individual poll numbers jump up and down, the trend in the Ipsos poll is bad news for the Liberals.

Between October, 2015 and December 2017, all Ipsos polls showed Liberal support anywhere from a high of 46% to a low of 38%. Meanwhile, Conservative support was stuck between a high of 32% and a low of 30%.

But in March of 2018, Conservative support jumped to 38%, while Liberal support fell to 31%. And while the numbers switched back in July – with the Liberals getting a perceived boost from trade tensions with the U.S. – the Liberals numbers have fallen again into a near dead heat with the Conservatives.

The trend has been a slow but noticeable loss of support for the Liberals over time, with a slow but noticeable gain for the Conservatives.

As a result, the Conservatives have a real chance at forming government. That said, we know that the establishment media will twist the coverage against the Conservatives, and the next year will feature tons of dirty politics and brutality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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How the hell can there still be support for the Liberals? It confuses me as to how many stupid people still live in Canada.

Norbert Kausen

WTF???!!! That idiot, Trudeau and his gang of miscreants should be as far down as the NDP!!! I do not trust IPSOS! I believe it to be slanted in favour of the liberals!

Ralph Knapp

Canada cannot afford a second term of Liberal government. At this point, it will take two terms of a solid fiscally responsible government to rectify the Trudeau financial disaster. What’s really worrying is, we have no clue as to the total extent of the state of our finances. As it is, Trudeau may be the most destructive PM I’ve seen in my life time (I’m 76).


What about Maxime? There has been lots of reports that he has 17% of the vote. I’m pretty sure Quebec will vote for him more than the Liberals or Bloc. These polls don’t mean anything if they overlook the obvious. Quebec wants change.


People supporting Lieberal/ndp are very un-Canadian and do not like Canada or want to be fascist or communist, or lied to and become poor and in debt, or they are rich people who just want to take or own everything from the rest of the people. I hope the Conservatives are also setting up ways to monitor this next election to check and make sure we are not having voter fraud etc.


The battlebrounds will be Quebec and BC. Ontario will see the light. Atlantic prov just nod their heads and accept the largess from Liberals.


I wonder where jihadi Justin would be had the public known of Justin’s main support and loyalty lies.


Billy Joyce

Why isn’t Maxime Bernier’s PPC showing at all in these polls?

Jane Bray


janice drink watkins

if they say 36% for liberals that is bs everyone wants trudeau gone this man is a traitor to all canadians he is a dictator wanna be but what he doesn’t realize is that he is not our boss we are his and people voted him in and they will vote him out trudeau was voted by the smallest % in history as it is but you can be sure many will be voting to get him out in 2019


It concerns me that the conservatives are in a dead heat in Ontario and trailing in Quebec. I’m afraid my home province of BC will be mostly a lost cause, as many here have a love affair with the NDP and Greens. But I think Doug Ford will be a big asset to Sheer next year, Ontario voters were smart this year in tossing out the Liberals so hope they do it federally next year as well.