Trudeau Statement On 4-Year Anniversary Of National War Memorial Terrorist Attack Doesn’t Mention ‘Terrorism,’ & Refers To ‘Fear-Mongering’ And ‘Inclusion’

Rather than confronting the reality of Islamist terror, Trudeau ignores the fact that the terrorists were ISIS-inspired and lectures Canadians instead.

Justin Trudeau is facing criticism following his statement on the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill.

Trudeau’s statement can be viewed below:

“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the four-year anniversary of the attack at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill:

“Four years ago today, a tragic and senseless attack at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill in Ottawa claimed the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a sentry at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and left several others injured.

“On this sombre anniversary, we remember Corporal Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, who was killed two days earlier in a separate attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Our thoughts are with their families and friends, and all those affected by these attacks.

“As we pay tribute to these fallen members of the Canadian Armed Forces, we also pay our respects to the brave first responders and members of our Parliamentary family who acted without hesitation to keep us safe.

“As Canadians, we will not surrender to hatred, and let attacks like these divide us. In the face of cowardly violence and fear mongering, we will not compromise our most cherished values – freedom, democracy, diversity, and inclusion.

“Today, I encourage everyone to show gratitude to the valiant Canadians in uniform, past and present. Their dedication and service protect and defend everything that Canada stands for.””

Many Canadians condemned Trudeau’s politically-motivated comments, including Sun Media columnist Anthony Furey:

“This is really stooping to a new low. Trudeau uses the anniversary of the death of Nathan Cirillo to basically chastise Canadians for “fear mongering” about “diversity”:”

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“So Trudeau used this moment to make a campaign message. Not nice..”

“This poor excuse of a Canadian leader has zero compassion for Canadians. Zero!”

“Trudeau’s assault on Canadians is unprecedented.”

“PM @JustinTrudeau is clearly not very bright. There is something seriously dysfunctional of him to not blame the jihadi terrorist who killed a Canadian soldier, but instead lectures those of us who could be victims of the ISIS terrorists he is trying to bring back to our country.”

“How delightfully progressive … Please note that for Liberals diversity and inclusion only applies to people who have the same ideological and political views. Anyone else is rabidly excluded and ostracized.”

“Notice the “T” word also missing in his statement? (“Terrorism”)”

“Trudeau is the saddest excuse for a Canadian there is! He doesn’t want us to be Canada anymore! He wants us to be an open border post national state!! Him, and his BFF Butts, are the 2 most dangerous individuals in our amazing country! #TrudeauMustGo”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I agree with those posts, thank you Spencer for sharing this.


Roy Green show interview with Imam Tawhidi the Man of Peace on Canada, immigration, Trudeau and etc.
Spencer, you must listen and keep tape on file. Thanks.

Moe. S.

Trudeau really takes this ‘diversity’ rhetoric to an all-time low. He won’t acknowledge the fact Corporal Cirillo was killed by an ISIS supporter. Obviously, his thoughts “are with the families and friends” of both veterans were just hollow words. His thoughts were on shaming Canadians with his diversity & fear mongering crap.
Trudeau has NO integrity NO shame.

m o

mmy opinion is that I cant believe there are so many unbalanced people that follow Trudeau.What comes to mind is the followers of Jim Jones not sure if that was his first name .But it was amazing how many believed everything he said and drank the poison!It is sad that some people get taken in by insane leaders!!!!!

Dave Bainard

Jr nauseates me with his twisted ‘values’.

fred Dimmick

Anything but ‘One Land One Law’ inevitably results in chaos, the more diversity the sooner the chaos.

Ken (Kulak)

Justin is a sick man.


Trudeau calls an incident a terrorist attack when IT ISNT and does not call it a terrorist attack when IT IS. Will someone who holds his power of attorney activate it asap before this man becomes more dangerous.

alan skelhorne

what a useless leader this idiot mr. prissypants is.does this guy remember what happened that day, all the people said that mr. harper hid in a closet, they have no clue to what protocol means. protect your leader. meanwhile mr. prissypants disappeared for over 24 hours, and when he finally re-appeared, he was all teary eyed{cowardly}, he ran into mr. hapers arms for a hug.of course after that, he stabbed mr. harper in the back many times over. oh wait a minute, then there was the g7 meeting, when president trump gave in a few of things, and what did… Read more »


Trudeau “the diaper man” – has baby thoughts that the Islamic members can be controlled. He is a dictator of some teacher philosophy type fashion – CONFUSION SAYS.

This is not new that ISLAMIC believe that ISLAM is the new RULE – Islamic call it MORE MODERN. Islamic believe that everyone must be servitude and be controlled by Islamic believers.

Anyone who believes in Mohammad s teaching is somewhat backward – the main venue is to kill non believers and criticisers of their beliefs – called infidels. Mohammad s wife killed him. Would anyone really wonder why?

Gonzo the Magnificent


Mike Allan

Those mp’s that vote right alone with trudope the jihadi little socialist ***** will have a day of facing the public. My hope is that there all called out and no more Canadian citizenship.Leave now!

Kevin F.

Considering that Trudeau has been actively shopping for terrorists, by attempting to bring jihadi Jack back from England, it is no surprise that he continues to downplay all forms of Islamic terrorism in Canada. Recent changes to Canadian law where a returning ISIS fighter can only be incarcerated fora maximum of six months underscores Trudeau’s continuing favoritism to Islam. One must ask why our PM is reducing sentencing for known terrorists. Concern for the safety of Canadians is an abstract concept to Trudeau, which he continues to pass off to the authorities. The problem in Trudeau’s eyes is not the… Read more »

Just Someguy

Think about it…Has anything of value to better the lives of Humans Anywhere in the World came from Islamic Followers? I.e. (Health, Medicine & Doctors, Construction, Agricultural Cultivation, Social Services) The World has the West to thank for this!
Serious topic but here’s a fun way to explain these Terrorists’ Lunacy…lol