WATCH: Conservatives Launch New Ad Campaign Reaching Millions Of Canadians

It looks like a substantial ad buy.

The Conservative Party of Canada has launched what appears to be a substantial ad buy.

According to reports, the ad buy is $2 million, and includes radio ads, online ads, and TV ads.

One segment of the ad buy seems to be getting YouTube videos of Scheer talking about affordability, and how his Mom is his hero.

Both buys appear to have gained substantial reach.

The first ad called “Getting Ahead” has reached over 2.8 million people.

The second ad, called “My Hero” has reached over 1.4 million people.

The ads can be viewed below:

The first ad is clearly about the growing concerns Canadians are feeling as a future of prosperity appears to be slipping further and further away under the burden of a weak economy, higher taxes, destructive regulations, and globalist policies that are selling out the Canadian People.

The second ad is about humanizing Scheer, the kind of ads leaders usually run when they are trying to boost their name-recognition.

With a large amount of money raised from their strong grass-roots support, the Conservatives will certainly be running more and more ads as the election gets closer. It will be necessary, because the Trudeau Liberals have the establishment media on their side and will do everything they can to rig the corrupt system in favour of Trudeau’s party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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While the media offer their time , fortune, 100% undivided attention to the ‘gods of jihadi Justin Trudeau and his radical parties with our money. Andrew Scheer very much like PMSH are burdened of using ‘their very own’ expenses from their supporters to aid them in delivering their message and policies.
Andrew will face brutal negative coverage from his own country man, the media. Just as PMSH did for years.


We have to do our part to help Andrew to fight for our country by showing all of Jihadi Justin’s quotes, tapes and videos favouring terrorists, ISIS, illegals, high taxes, what he said about colonialism whom he hates, and so on.


Judge Jeanine ‘opening statement. Judge Jeanine echoes the same feeling as we experiencing. Listen to her


Jen, boy could we ever use several Judge Jeanine’s here in Canada, thank you.


She was amazing, I hope you showed it to your friend since we have a major job to do alerting other Canadians who only believe what the national media tells them of no fault of theirs. Canadians, who rely on the media and believe every word would never dream that the. Media is manipulating them through the news’ not until you show the tape/s.
Nancy, we do not have a national conservative media right to tell the truth therefore, it is up to us to do the job for the sake of our country.

Dave French



It will happen only if you and I pass along the Facts not what the media and Liberals fairy dust coated lies! Let’s make it happen .


I pump gas for a living so needles to say I encounter alot of different people every single day and the vast majority sat they don’t support trudope and if they are liberal do not plan to vote for him again on top of this many of them have said they no longer follow the mainstream media wether it’s newspaper, radio, t.v or the internet. I still feel it will be a battle and the liberals are going try ever dirty trick they can but like a gentleman said today more and more each day are opening there eyes and… Read more »


I saw the first ad on TV on Sunday during the football game. Good time for it to air, as a lot of people watch the NFL. I like the ad and his positive message.


Ok,we don’t want to hear about your mommy,ok.We want you to do what you said you were going to do.You had better get a lot tougher and stop grandstanding in the house and get with it!