WATCH: Conservatives Launch New Ad Campaign Reaching Millions Of Canadians

It looks like a substantial ad buy.

The Conservative Party of Canada has launched what appears to be a substantial ad buy.

According to reports, the ad buy is $2 million, and includes radio ads, online ads, and TV ads.

One segment of the ad buy seems to be getting YouTube videos of Scheer talking about affordability, and how his Mom is his hero.

Both buys appear to have gained substantial reach.

The first ad called “Getting Ahead” has reached over 2.8 million people.

The second ad, called “My Hero” has reached over 1.4 million people.

The ads can be viewed below:

The first ad is clearly about the growing concerns Canadians are feeling as a future of prosperity appears to be slipping further and further away under the burden of a weak economy, higher taxes, destructive regulations, and globalist policies that are selling out the Canadian People.

The second ad is about humanizing Scheer, the kind of ads leaders usually run when they are trying to boost their name-recognition.

With a large amount of money raised from their strong grass-roots support, the Conservatives will certainly be running more and more ads as the election gets closer. It will be necessary, because the Trudeau Liberals have the establishment media on their side and will do everything they can to rig the corrupt system in favour of Trudeau’s party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube