As He Pushes Carbon Tax, There’s Another Trudeau Tax Hike Going On Quietly Behind The Scenes

The Trudeau government is planning to take more money from municipalities.

We already know that Justin Trudeau is a big-time centralizer.

Instead of devolving power to more local levels – where leaders know their communities best – Trudeau wants more and more money going to the central government.

And now, Trudeau is launching a new tax grab.

I was recently contacted by the Mayor of a smaller Saskatchewan Municipality, who brought attention to an issue that hasn’t received much coverage.

While people often think of highly paid city councillors when they think of municipal governments, the reality is that most municipal officials represent smaller communities, and are paid very little.

Many either serve part-time, or just make enough to get buy. The lower salaries ensures that smaller municipalities can focus their resources on providing important services.

As a result, previous federal governments offered a tax exemption to some municipal officials, so they could make ends meet while saving their communities the cost of either passing on the tax revenue to the federal government, or having to pay higher salaries.

But as of the start of 2019, the Trudeau government is removing that exemption.

And as the Mayor told me, it means that many municipalities will either have to raise the remuneration to account for the Trudeau tax hike, or get paid even less, which will be a big problem for the many people serving small communities who get paid incredibly low amounts already.

Trudeau probably thinks this won’t get much attention, and probably thinks he can just deflect all the blame onto municipal governments, but we shouldn’t let him get away with it.

However the feds try to spin it, this is a tax hike on Canadian municipalities that will result in more money being taken out of local communities and going to the central government. And that’s a bad thing for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gonzo the Magnificent

Just like his father: a big central government dictator, except worse.


This U,N. really wants to hurt our country, power and money, the mess they are creating around the world is disgusting. I hope that Andrew Schere is rethinking, and planning to remove Canada from this insane make everyone poor, except them of course LIEberal U.N. dictator scammers. This should be up to the provinces, and I think we better get each of our provinces collecting their own citizens money and if any is left give it to who ever the feds are at the time, we would all be more careful about who we elected then. Our country needs to… Read more »

June Heale

Oh wow, for years I have felt that “greed” is so much behind many of our problems and not just in Canada. I am 85, grew up in Ontario in a large family of 9 children. Not easy, but we did manage thanks to my hard working parents. We struggled, and my Dad worked so hard working a farm and in a factory at the same time, and also serving in both wars. My mother like most women in those days, did not go out to work, but they sure worked hard at home, but alas when it came time… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Well said.

We all need to remember PM Puppet’s words from election evening after his victory, “Canada is now a post-national state”.

Don Taylor

Liberalism is a cancer on society and a danger to Canada, Trudeau will tax us into the poor house


We demand the names of the Government lackeys that think up this crap. Drain the swamp.

Marilyn Lewis

In 2015 or 2016, in an interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC, Justin Trudeau promised to reverse the centralization of power that really began to take place under his father, Pierre Trudeau. Another broken promise … to add to his legacy.

Ron Shaw

Somehow junior Todumb will find a way to blame it on the Harper government , he always does . Today I heard him blame Harper for signing a multi billion dollar deal with the Aribs for armoured vehicles , now he’s pretending that he wants to get Canada out of this deal because of a murder in a foreign country that he or Canada can’t do anything about . Why not do something he can control , like cutting off funding to the Aribs for the blood oil eastern Canada imports from these terrorists . Alberta oil and gas could… Read more »

June Heale

I would like to see Harper back, he wasn’t perfect by any means and who is. But he was an economist and think he had better control of the purse strings. I could be wrong, but that is my feeling. Having said that I must say I would much rather have Pierre Trudeau than the offspring.

sandra adie

walking in daddies shoes taxes everything that doesn’t move but this will disable our poorest communities


Do Senators still earn some tax free salary ?