Canadians Give Trudeau Bad Marks On Handling Of USMCA

And the deal isn’t popular.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows the majority of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau on the USMCA deal.

52% say they are “disappointed,” while 37% say they are “pleased.”

Notably, only 41% are disappointed with Canada’s negotiators overall, while 43% are pleased – reflecting the fact that negotiators can only really do what they are ordered to from the top.

The USMCA is also not popular in Canada.

32% say they are “disappointed” with the deal, while 13% say they are “very disappointed.”

Meanwhile, 30% say they are pleased, while 4% are “very pleased.”

That adds up to 45% who feel negatively about the deal, compared to 34% who feel positively about it.

21% say they are “not sure/can’t say.”

A majority of Conservatives and NDP supporters disapprove of the deal, while a majority of Liberals support it.

Also, the deal has a negative net popularity rating in every province. It is particularly unpopular in Quebec, where 58% have a negative view on it.

So, while the Trudeau government claimed that they got a ‘win,’ Canadians aren’t buying the spin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The Majority of Canadians aren’t as Stupid as Trudope and the Liberals think we are.

A part time drama teacher/snowboarder cannot win against a Successful Business Man like Trump!

Let’s hope that the whole Country Smartens up in the next year and do not vote for these Morons. The Liberal should be voted to Non Party Status, like the Wynne Government.

Mike Allan

I sure hope your right Ann.Ive always wondered how the little socialist trudeau did it the first time knowing what his platform was.Lets pray that it’s “once bitten twice shy”this time around.


UN is screaming for more money and what better way to get it is through tinker bell jihadi Trudeau who will do anything to satisfy the UN’s needs.
Catherine Mac Kenna has flown back and forth using fossil fuel just so she can have an hour chat rather than using SKYPE.

Don Taylor

as negotiator Freeland was a joke even Trump didn’t like her