Carbon Tax Scam: ‘Revenue-Neutral’ Tax Revealed As Another Trudeau Lie

Now they’re only giving back ‘some’ of the money. What a surprise…

The Trudeau government has admitted that the carbon tax won’t be revenue neutral.

That’s not the headline you’ll read most places, but it’s the truth.

Trudeau has announced the so-called ‘rebate’ program, which features this interesting tidbit according to the CP:

“The federal government will return 90 per cent of all the money it collects from a carbon price directly to the Canadians who pay it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is unveiling the details of the carbon tax rebates, dubbed the Climate Action Incentive, as he tries to sell Canadians on the need to pay for pollution without breaking their pocketbooks. The remaining 10 per cent will be handed out to small and medium-sized businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations who can’t pass on their costs from the carbon tax directly to consumers.”

First of all, what happened to it being revenue neutral?


Why aren’t Canadians (who directly pay the tax) getting 100% back?

Also, why should we trust the government on the rebate?

They claim the rebates will be $256-$598 dollars – but numerous reports have said the carbon tax will cost far more, and even many of those reports don’t account for the cascading costs of the tax throughout the economy.

Amazingly, the report notes the government arbitrarily claiming “Officials say 70 per cent of people in those provinces will get back more than they end up paying out as fuel costs rise to incorporate the carbon tax.”

Oh really?

That leaves – even by the government’s dubious accounting – 30% who will be paying more.

And keep in mind, if even the government admits that 30% will be paying more after the tax is implemented, it will surely be far higher, leaving a majority of Canadians much worse off. After all, this is the same government that said the budget would balanced itself and promised 3 small deficits, while instead running massive deficits as far as the eye can so.

So, like everything else about the carbon tax “revenue neutral” was a scam.

And most of the media doesn’t even know how to cover it correctly:

“Coverage of the carbon tax ‘rebate’ is appalling. It’s such a scam. The carbon tax takes money away – and that money goes into general revenues. So any ‘rebate’ is totally separate from the carbon tax. Taking with one hand, giving some (but far less) with the other. Total scam!”

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Rebates to the people on LPC donor list guaranteed.

Derrick Jewlal

Revenue neutral… impossible. What about the administration costs required to implement, administer the program? Surely this will be more than a few % of monies collected.


Imagine this WORLD . The Prime IDIOT , in defending his carbon tax just stated ” We know ( he always knows what a farce!!! ) that by putting a price on something we don’t want, people start looking for ways of not paying that price ” WHOA what a contradiction in terms if you apply this erudite piece of logical contradiction ( as only he can make ) to the manner in which he treats all the ISIS creeps he allows to be repatriated …is this not a contradiction in concept , ideology and terms ?????? remaining an idiot… Read more »


and where will this so called rebate come from AGAIN directly from those who pay for it REAL DEAL …I dont think


Our jobs will be fleeing the country, not a good move. Taking money from people and companies and giving back some, lots of costly paper work and very useless big government jobs, the whole tax system should be simplified, not more wasteful and complicated. This is a hidden tax which is gst taxed on a higher amount-tax on tax- that somehow made my heating bill triple last winter? These U.N. run LIEberals must be stopped.
I really hope that the provinces fighting this win at court sooner rather than later.


Families less than 3 people will not be getting any extra money from the gov. A family of only 2 people will be paying out more than they receive. Only families with 4 or more will be receiving more than they pay. If they are giving the money collected from the tax back to those who pay the tax then why are they collecting it in the first place? Many of those paying the carbon tax will not be reducing their carbon emissions, for example Air Lines can’t reduce any more and they just keep expanding their fleets. This is… Read more »


So he’s really going to run for reelection on this. I guess he totally missed the Ontario election results. Getting rid of the carbon tax was one of Ford’s biggest campaign issues, and a promise he kept as soon as he took office. I’m in BC and we already have this scam of a tax, but it’s now going to be forced on unwilling provinces, including the one that just got rid of it.

We’ve still got an entire year for Trudeau and the Liberals to do more damage to this country.

shawn harris

It is well known that when any tax is added, whether it be plain old sales tax or the new carbon tax, the price goes up, not down. So this carbon tax will raise the price of everything, even after i have received this so called carbon tax rebate. And when was the last time Canadians saw their benefits from government go up, in a substantial way,like this never ending and always rising carbon tax will. After all, according to the all knowing Trudeau, we will have to endure a carbon tax increase every single year for the next four… Read more »

Moe. S.

We all know the saying, “too good to be true.” This carbon tax is nothing more than the transfer of wealth from the upper and middle class. The rebate is based on your annual income tax return and the size of your family. Senior citizens, single individuals, upper class & most middle-class Canadians will get a ZERO rebate. Ontarians will pay $283 /yr. for starters. Many Canadian taxpayers might just as well leave Canada. The last person out be sure to turn off the heat & hydro and shut the lights off!


Ever notice how little poturdo always shows up at the podium in shirtsleeves, rolled up to create the illusion he’s been working? He learned that from Barry Soereto-Obummer.