OOPS: Trudeau Accidentally Admits That Canada Can’t Do Anything About Global Emissions

Yet he’s still imposing the hated carbon tax.

During a recent interview on Tout Le Monde En Parle, Justin Trudeau accidentally admitted the truth.

He admitted something that totally destroys any justification for his carbon tax.

Here it is, as reported by the HuffPost:

‘”Even if Canada stopped everything tomorrow, and the other countries didn’t have any solutions, it wouldn’t make a big difference,” he said in French.”

Well isn’t that interesting.

As you’ll note, that’s exactly what I – alongside millions of common-sense Canadians – have been saying for a long time.

Canada contributes such a small amount to global emissions, that whatever we do doesn’t matter.

But then, why the hell is Trudeau still slamming us with a carbon tax if he actually knows it’s all a scam?

Because it’s not about the environment.

It’s about control and virtue-signalling for the corrupt Trudeau government.

The more money Trudeau can take out of our pockets, the more power the central government will have. The more he punishes Canadians, the more he can say how much he’s doing to ‘save the world’ at meetings in foreign countries.

So, even though he knows it’s all a scam, even though he knows the carbon tax will do nothing but hurt Canadians, he’s imposing it anyway.

Total disloyalty to the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

I would like to know when Canadian people are going to start saying some thing to stop this Idiot Turdeau from ruining our country,he is being controlled by the globalist elites and if Canadian people love this country Turdeau has to be stopped,so let your voices be heard Canada or you wont be able to recognize the country you were born in

don morris

It’s already happened, I don’t recognize the country I was born in,in 1948. But then the two greatest generations were there,one in charge,the other about to take over. Since then, my generation has laid the groundwork for the disaster which we are now reaping. If I’d told someone in 1965 that one day we’d elect a guy to the PM’s Office who had never held a steady job,they’d have laughed in my face and questioned my sanity. Any one of the four PM candidates then, Dief, Pearson, Thompson, Douglas, would have done SO much better than the current embarrassment we… Read more »


i am on facebook everyday and twitter telling people the same thing people need to get off their cell phones and pay attention to this dictator wannabe and how he is taking canada down

Shannon-Leigh Antoinette

It is far beyond simply trudeau … our system is very broken.. and misleading to all people it is supposed to be working for..

J Raby

Unfortunately too many people have the belief that this person elected deserved a chance to prove himself ? I so disagree because now the children of the 70s, 80 s and 90s and now 2000 s will have the biggest nightmare in trying to restructure and shoulder the burden of rebuilding the economy and stability of this country , Canada, for the future generations to come. It is going to be a monumental undertaking and if there is no help or backing from the Federal Office that is not supporting our country, countrymen , women and children . It will… Read more »

Jeffrey Stephaniuk

It has to be forced on us because the money has already been spent, obscene amounts in the billions of billions, and there is a desperation to recoup what has been squandered.


Thank you Spencer again, finally admitted like we all knew, U.N. globalist destruction will go to any lengths to make the whole world, except them, poor and slaves to them, keep your guns it is going to get uglier it seems.
Reading this article this morning gave me the shivers, and it will happen here too if we don’t fix our broken U.N. political system, try to read this:



India, China, United states and the Euro zone create 75% of all world carbon emissions. Canada creates 1%. How much of a difference will 0.01 % to the overall contribution to climate change when the big 4 producers will not make their contribution? The big 4 producers have not lessened their carbon one ounce in the last 10 years despite all their efforts. Canadians are being punished for no good reason only for some one and a political party to look good. This is a scam of magnitude.


But but but if we do nothing our children are doomed!!

Joanne Sanford

Believe me it has nothing to do with Climate Change!! It is just preparing the way for a one world Government! As they say, there is none so blind as one who will not see!!!


You are, of course, correct – scam is understated. Still, the U.S. had the largest decline of CO2 emissions last year of any country, mostly due to cheap natural gas from fracking.


Dave Allsopp

At the same time, real scientists know that CO2 is a gas essential to the existance of life on this planet. If anything CO2 needs to increase in order to enhance plant growth! Plants are the major source of oxygen to the world’s atmosphere!

While atural gas is touted for its clean burn it is also a major source of release into the atmosphere of toxic benzene during its processing from source to pipeline. I’m left unimpressed.

Dave Alsopp

“natural gas”

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah and he is now giving rebate cheques to Canadians to buffer the blow. I don’t know much about this plan, as I heard a bit of it on 640AM in Toronto. So why have it in the 1st place if you are rebating. Perhaps he is selectively rebating certain demographics i.e income levels and hence younger and retired people to help make them more agreeable. Any way, I HOPE Conservative politicians both provincially and federally who are against this tax knew he could propose such a strategy! This could help Trudeau pull it off and even win the election… Read more »

don morris

Yes,that is exactly what he is doing, paying rebates to those on welfare and old age pensioners on mincome ,while the rest of us get nothing but higher prices.

It keeps the sjw activists quiet.

sandra c

The small amount he is rebating, is to buffer the true obscene amount he is taking during the years that the carbon tax will keep on rising. He foolishly thinks that if he gives a small amount back, that he is fooling us and we’ll fall for it. Money back…oh, that’s fantastic. Give a little…take a lot. Besides, he needs more throwing away money.


Money back? yes, but why can’t p; & not what he & McKenna promised. But then again, we should all be aware that their promises were only virtue signaling!

Eleanor Merkus

Anything to milk more money from Canadians. This is the worst pm we have EVER had. Totally disloyal to Canada. Please vote Conservative in 2019. A pig would be be better at governing then what we have now!!!




Great catch Spencer.


Manufacturing and resource development create Liberal pollution. It only makes sense then to support Trudeau’s insane desire to reduce pollution by making a point of not buying anything Made in Canada. Fewer companies means fewer employees traveling to & from work which means less pollution and less purchase of expensive polluting stuff Made in Canada.

shawn harris

And with this admission by Trudeau, that whatever we do or don’t do , it makes no difference at all. Trudeau is openly showing how twisted, evil, deceitful and arrogant he is by still forcing a useless tax on Canadians,to solve an unsolvable problem. Since this admission by Trudeau was caught on tape during an interview, then this tape should be played over and over again, so that no one will ever forget the twisted deceitful lies of Trudeau. Especially when it comes to 2019, when Trudeau will be begging us to give him another four year term. Taxes are… Read more »

sandra c

The video should be played in English, so everyone can understand. He’s not solving any of Canada’s problems….he’s creating them.

don morris

What is the size of the audience for “Tout Le Monde en Parle”? How many Canadians are aware he said this? If it’s a CBC program, not very many,and I have seen NO report of this at National Newswatch or any other msm outlet. So,the sob speaks the truth to his Quebec audience secure in the knowledge it will not reach more than a few thousand people. Just as Jack Layton told Quebec he’d hold a referendum if he was elected PM, but told the rest of Canada a different story, Trudeau gets away with another one, because it’s in… Read more »

Carew Martin

Wow, i’m amazed HuffPo reported this

Douglas Reed

Rules without reason breed resentment.


I ask all Canadians who read and know of this should warn their friends since the media will do everything in their power to avoid broadcasting it. We have lots of media work to do to help protect this nation from falling as it is slowly doing.


Trudeau is going to confuse his base and then offer up something for ‘free’ and the bobbleheads will cheer for him again.

Richard Parkes

Yes if we stop tomorrow it won’t make much difference. So what? This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address the responsibility we have for “our share” of pollution. Remember Canadian pollution affects Canadians directly. The land we live on and the air we breathe. ( my response is not about carbon tax)

tommy hawk

What could one expect from the mouth of a fool and a liar? He lied prior to the election with his famous comment: “The budget will balance itself,” and has lied continually since the election. How anyone — even a die-hard Liberal — could continue to support such an obviously transparent personality is hard to believe — and embarrassing. But, politics being politics, the true reason for many running in an election is the hope of succeeding and, if luck follows them, they may get elected a second time and qualify for a lifetime, indexed pension, something those who were… Read more »

Walt Tessling

He needs money


He claims it’s revenue neutral and is handing out 300$ checks to residents of provinces he forced this on (big deal)…so what about the GST added to the carbon tax at the pumps….are they keeping it…? what about the higher amount of GST that will be collected when everything taxable is going to go up as a result of the carbon tax. Sounds more like a back door way to put up the GST.

sandra c

Seniors on a Government Pension are getting much less. I am pretty sure that $300 is the highest you can receive.


Just about every third day there are new things coming out about Trudeau and how out of control he is. He probably thinks he’s Canada’s courageous leader (hanging in under such public criticism instead of humbling himself to see what everyone else sees, he’s a bumbling fool) Any person in their right mind would realize, I made a lot of bad choices, I’m better off putting the country in better hands and I resign. I hope the new leader will straighten out the mess I made.


I expect nothing less from the east. The east elected him. The east decides elections for the entire country. 2 provinces usually decide so there is no point of the rest voting. The rest must have their own elections based on not being connected to the eastern 2 provinces. How many eastern sheeple will swoon over him again knowing full well that he is giving them the shaft? I have no faith in the eastern electorate after electing him AFTER his dad royally screwed to the country & almost destroying Alberta & the west. I’ll be surprised if this gets… Read more »


You might as well throw money into the sky if you agree that a tax will take carbon out of our environment it’s supposedly designed to make you cut your carbon emissions so what about people like me who drive 65 km to and from work because that’s the distance I need to drive to make a decent living and all the others who travel the 401 from all points to Toronto yeah we’re all going to curve our C02 emissions. We’ve been given a tax and no real second option meanwhile the government gets more funding to invest in… Read more »

David Henley

I find this conversation on global warming is still not even warranted. Global warming has nothing to do with humans. Paris accord is a lie. Government propaganda on saving the world so they can grab tax dollars. We . continue to support a lie and any party or government that is supporting this needs to be taken out of office. They are not for the people but tax dollars. The liberal media keeps pushing this idea and people listen. Maybe a reliable media should run an article of truth on this subject…

martine j tiramani

trudeau s agenda is not canada, it s about taking from canadians. destroying canada to serve interest elsewhere. i do think he is a traitor to canadians. and so was his dad and his cronies.

Stephen O

We contribute to 1.3% or so of emissions annually. A population of 35-40m people. That’s a problem.

It’s also a shite argument to say you shouldn’t care about small amounts. It all adds up. Furthermore, if everyone takes that stance, nothing changes.

Michael L

It would change more if we could ship LNG to China instead of coal but that is not acceptable to the people in BC and your Premier who do not give a shit about other parts of the world.

Gary Warburton

That must be he is doing about climate change.

Gary Warburton

That must be why he is doing absolutely nothing about climate change.

Timothy Meisner

The entire country is to busy watching/playing hockey, tuned into their favorite TV shows, and grumbling about nothing. Everyone is so damned lazy here it makes it impossible to achieve anything. My Canadian brothers and sisters make me sick because of how uninvolved they are. I’m active against Trudeau.

Chris Eh-Ch

Agenda21 his papa gave him the heads up, that’s why he is so adamant about the UN security council seat… trying to protect his money and family only… read it people!!

T Smith

If it really is about the environment, there is something he can do to cut global emissions. Support and get the hell out of the way of the LNG line to Kitimat. Remove the tanker ban.
Natural gas has half the carbon footprint than coal and NG could be replacing coal energy in Asia.
This ridiculous tax is not going to change the weather.