WEAKNESS: Half Of Canadians Say Liberals Gave Up Too Much On USMCA

They say the government was “too soft” in the negotiations.

As we’ve seen before, the Trudeau government keeps trying to pretend that they got some sort of ‘win’ in the USMCA negotiations.

But Canadians aren’t buying it.

As I reported earlier, 52% of Canadians say they are “disappointed” with how Trudeau handled the deal, while just 37% say they are “pleased” with his handling of it.

And while Trudeau has attempted to make it seem like he and Chrystia Freeland were ‘tough’ and ‘fought’ for Canada, half of Canadians don’t believe that either.

The recent Angus Reid poll shows 50% of Canadians say the government was “too soft/gave up too much to get a deal.”

By contrast, only 11% say the government was too tough, while 39% feel the right compromise was reached.

What this means is that despite the immense amount of propaganda from the media and the Trudeau government, many millions of Canadians can see the weakness and incompetence of Trudeau & Freeland, who totally messed things up and failed the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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shawn harris

Trudeau and Freeland failed in their negotiations with Trump. Because they were too arrogant in their belief of having a superior negotiating position , to see that Trump held all the right cards. Trump knew well before the start of negotiations, that Canada needed America more than America needed Canada. Especially when it comes to international trade: Canada’s economy is heavily dependent upon trade with America, about 75% . Whereas America’s trade with Canada is about 20%, meaning Trump knew he could easily squeeze Canada for just about anything he wanted. And Trudeau and Freeland made that very easy by… Read more »

Cor malloy

Yes, weak for sure. Now Trudeau wants to collect carbon tax money and give 90% back in rebates. What`s the point of collecting ? The 10 % left will not even cover the admin fees !