Brad Wall Compares Trudeau Carbon Tax To Nigerian Prince Scam

If the crown fits…

We’ve all heard of those ‘Nigerian prince’ emails.

Some made-up name says they’re the son of the king and need to get their many millions out of the country safely, and you can help!

All you need to do is give them all your banking info and some initial money and half of the royal fortune is yours!

Of course, it’s a total scam, just like the carbon tax:

“Usually when someone tells you to send in money but you’ll get more back in return, it’s a Nigerian prince.”

Wall’s comparison is a good one: The Trudeau carbon tax is a total scam.

And there’s lots of agreement on that, as you can see by the fact that Wall’s tweet has already been shared over 2,000 times.

It’s absolutely absurd that the Trudeau government is telling us to believe that sending in a bunch more money to the government through a tax that raises the price of everything will somehow give us more money.

That’s not how anything works.

The carbon tax will hurt Canadians, hurt our economy, take money out of our pockets, and leave us worse off.

That’s the reality, and anyone saying anything otherwise is lying, whether it’s Trudeau or a Nigerian prince.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau has certainly learned how to operate like a Nigerian Prince,Trudeau started the Nigerian scam in his 1st day as a PM and he has been milking and lying to the Canadian people ever since


Brad Wall couldn’t have been more Truthful and Concise when he compares the Carbon Tax Scam to the Nigerian Prince Scam. Brad Walls hit the nail on the head! Same Concept – A Total Scam!
The Courts Better Rule in the Favour of NO CARBON TAX for the Provinces who do NOT want this Scam. It’s what Canadians want – NOT what Thief Trudeau wants!


Love that picture of our wannabe ruler, and the Nigerian prince, very good comparison. We must have had many Lieberal voters taken in by helping the Nigerian Prince because there are still fools voting for the Lieberal lies.


Off topic but is anyone watching the 17,000 strong U.N. Lieberal created attack heading to the USA’s southern boarder, for their midterm election. It is an actual attack as they are calling their men warriors and will put women and children first so they will not be attacked back as they cross all the boarders from the Honduros carringing it’s flag? We need away from this U.N. Lieberal destruction of boarders and countries.


Ha ha: Walls’s assessment of Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme is all too true. Wall posted a screen shot of his tweet on facebook this afternoon and I shared it to four different groups.

Ken (Kulak)

Brad Wall is right.

The whole idea behind this fraud is to reduce our standard of living and return us to subsistence living. Except for those that are more equal of course.


“There’s a sucker born every minute” – P.T Barnum

Wendy Lush

And in Canada every 30 seconds.


It’s amazing how many Canadians are still brainwashed into thinking they have to pay this TAX.

Wendy Lush

For the hordes getting off the plane from Lagos at JFK, then crossing Roxham Road decked in their fine clothes, Nike shoes, Gucci luggage and iPhones, and then straight to the local welfare office, Trudeau IS a Nigerian prince.