Stats Canada’s Creepy Quest For Canadians’ Banking Info Could Destroy Trust In The Agency

Very disturbing.

The report revealing Statistics Canada wants the private banking info of 500,000 Canadians has generated tremendous outrage, and rightfully so.

Statistics Canada is not supposed to be secretly invading the private financial lives of Canadian Citizens.

The fact that Stats Canada wants the info, and was arrogant enough to think that there wouldn’t be a backlash shows a concerning attitude on their part, and it’s an attitude that is likely to start destroying the trust the Canadian People have in the agency.

Just look at how Stats Canada referred to their demand for the info:

“Statistics Canada will be acquiring individual payments and income history information from financial institutions.”

They don’t even say they would ‘like’ to acquire it. They say they ‘will’ acquire it, without the Canadian People being consulted or even being a part of the process at any step of the way.

And Canada’s former privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian was clearly concerned about the info demand, as noted by the Global News report:

“Most people would be surprised and devastated if they thought all of their financial information and bills and activity were being accessed in identifiable form by Statistics Canada or any branch of government,” she said. “Medical and financial records are the most sensitive personal data that exists.”

It’s a horrible breach of the privacy of Canadians, and it shows Stats Canada is becoming a massive unaccountable bureaucracy that thinks it’s somehow above the Canadian People.

And while this may not have a direct impact on Stats Canada’s data, we have to start asking serious questions about whether we can really trust the numbers Stats Canada is pushing. If they’re willing to take our financial info without asking us, what else could they be doing behind the scenes, and what kind of agenda could they be advancing?

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

How can this braen TRAVESTY even be ALLOWED to happen??? This is a direct attack on us as Canadians and goes to show just how far we are becoming a communist totalitarian dictatorship! WHAT are we as Canadians going to DO about it???!!! We had better come up with a strategy to stop this!!!


Totally get the point of this post, however, all social media and mega tech corps are already tracking everything you do. Windows 10 any one?

Wendy Lush

Stay away from Windows! Built-in spying, malware. Unchain yourself from the Microsoft monster. Try Mac or Linux with VPN. Use Tor, Startpage, etc.


Time to empty the bank accounts people. If the banks give stats Canada our personal information, I can see a lot lawsuits happening.


Another step by the Liberals to gain control of Canadians. If I discover my Bank has violated my privacy I will leave. They would be facing massive class action lawsuits for violation of their own Privacy policies. ( As if any common sense person actually believes that garbage from any company or corporation. )

Our banking and financial information is submitted to Revenue Canada ONLY and only for tax purposes. Stats Can has no need for any personal identifiable information whatsoever. Clearly something to do with Trudeau.


It’s bloody well bad enough we have to worry about HACKERS, malware, spyware, viruses and now THESE THUGS at STATS Canada are now WEBSCRAPING? WTH???

Time to dismantle that org also. If I find out ONCE that my shopping, banking information, etc. etc. is breached by them… there will be a holy heLL to pay! This is beyond BEYOND! INVASION

Eric Blair

This push for information is no doubt at the request of the PMO and their desire to squeeze more money from Canadians. I remember under Trudeau, the elder, he got Revenue Canada to go after Canadians like never before then Mulroney came along and gave Canadians a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights so that we gain respect for Revenue Canada again.


This is a privacy issue and not tolerated in my books. Don’t trust them. If any state agency needs to know about peoples banking information it would be the Canadian Revenue office and only by a legal warrant issued by a judge for the investigation of fraud or crime against the government.


Why would the U.N. (since we have no government and are a post national state) need this info? To see who and what they can tax more? To see who is working under the table, they probably know better than to keep their money out of the banks? So many questions, regarding this? To see if Canadians are keeping their money in Canada? To see if Canadians still have any savings left, when I was young Canadians used to be savers, but not now so much? To see if enough of us have retirement savings, in their opinion, so they… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

The senior executives at Stats Can should be dismissed, with cause, immediately, for presenting this outrageous request. They have shown the country that they are incapable of managing a piggy bank nevermind the “confidential ” information stored, in trust, within the organization.

Valerie Clark

I knew the day would come when I’d decide to empty all of my bank accounts. This may be it.


since the Kokanee groper boy was elected we as ‘canaduh’ have shifted far left into a dictatorship all while the media has been covering for the lib dictatorship machine. I spell it canaduh as long as there is a ‘liberal’ government in power. they are ‘liberal’ & never have been. History shows that.


Read up on his Father he was a Communist and the Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree, his “Sons” are one and the same out too bring this Country down a notch or 3…

alan skelhorne

he said this from the beginning. nothing new here for sure.

Wendy Lush

What in the actual fock… am I still in Canada, or in China?? This is TOTALLY unacceptable and unethical. Sounds like a make-work project for the busy bodies at Statscan – to sort of justify and legitimize their sad existence.

Harper had it right in cancelling mandatory long census forms; they simply cost a ton of money for info that can be gleaned from the internet. Trudeau reversed Harper’s sensible move just to spite him and the rest of us – no matter how many hundreds of millions it costs.

Daniel Miles

I am waiting for the so called bank Holiday …. start taking your money out of the banks people and change it to tangibles …just sayin

Mike Allan

I don’t see anyone in government trying to stop the little socialist trudope.All the MP’s agree with his agenda and simply do not care if it’s good or bad for the law abiding citizens of this once good country.

Moe. S.

This is beyond ‘creepy’ it is the Trudeau gov’t forcibly seizing banking records of 500,000 Canadians per year.
Critics of this invasion of privacy were accused of being ‘anti-data’ by none other than our brilliant Trudeau.
Really! Big Brother Trudeau believes this is okay. God help us!