OUTRAGEOUS: Trudeau Supports Stats Canada Taking Our Banking Info Without Our Permission

A Canadian leader is supposed to stand up for the Canadian People. Instead – as always – Justin Trudeau stood up for government power.

With Canadians getting more and more outraged over Stats Canada trying to take our personal banking information without our permission, Justin Trudeau has decided to stand with the dishonest and unaccountable bureaucracy, instead of standing with the Canadian People.

As reported by Global News, when Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen pushed back against the creepy Stats Canada move, Justin Trudeau refused to defend Canadians:

“With a long history of government privacy breaches, Canadians are rightly worried,” Bergen said. “Why are the Liberals collecting the personal data of Canadians without telling them?”

Trudeau said his government would ensure that all personal information would be protected and the anonymized data will be used for statistical purposes only.

“High quality and timely data are critical to ensuring that government programs remain relevant and effective for Canadians,” the prime minister said.

Bergen called on Trudeau to “immediately assure Canadians that this intrusion into their lives will be stopped.”

But instead of standing up for the privacy of Canadians, Trudeau attacked the Conservatives:

“It was the Conservative government who chose to stop the long-form census,” Trudeau shot back. “What that led to was more policy based on ideology and less policy based on evidence like we are doing now. Their attacks on data and information continue.”

Unprecedented invasion of the privacy of Canadian Citizens

Stats Canada’s effort to steal our banking info is a disgusting and disgraceful invasion of the privacy of the Canadian People. A real leader would have immediately shut down Stats Canada’s efforts to take our info, and would have fired whoever authorized the privacy breach.

But Trudeau isn’t a real leader.

Instead, he stood up for a ruthless bureaucracy trying to control Canadians and take our info. As always, Trudeau shows that expanding his power and the power of the government is all that matters to him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

I just hope that Canadians will remember the arrogance and stupidity of this mentally challenged Trudeau and how he tried to ruin our country in favor of his puppet masters the un elected Globalist


This is an outrageous illegal act by Trudeau and Stats Can under the Privacy Act!!! Should this not be cause to take these two to court & sue for breach of privacy?? Unreal actions!!!


“As government expands, liberty contracts.”
― Ronald Reagan


This guy has got to go. We are at war with this corrupt gov. Time do do something concrete. The RCMP must get involved. Their job is to protect us.


Creepy is a good word for these communist foreign rulers, taking our independence and freedom, Canada used to be a democracy, what voted for this? I read that the banks are against this illegal communist, Facist invasion of privacy also. Sad that a once good country is being taken over by these U.N. puppets-post national communist state, Lieberals/ndp must be stopped. The Russians have a day to remember all the millions of deaths (mainly forced starvation) caused by Socialist Stalin. I am glad I am old and hope I will not be alive when the lying fake U.N. controlled Trudeau… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Not only does Justin think it’s okay to snoop into our private lives and banking situations, he also created a law called the “BAIL IN” law. This law makes it legal for banks to simply dig into your bank account savings and remove YOUR money to bail themselves out if they find themselves in any problems. Look into it folks.


Canada’s unaccountable bureaucracy tells politicians what to do, no matter the party. The Public Complaints Commission for the RCMP is a public relations farce. The Canada Revenue Agency (previously called Revenue Canada) steals home equity and bank accounts from small business owners for those who choose not to be someone else’s employees. In Canada there is one law for the peasants who fund the system and another for the bureaucrats and politicians who operate it.