FRAUD: Trudeau Liberals Take Break From ‘Saving The World,’ Cut New Brunswick Power’s Carbon Tax Bill By Over 95%

But I thought the entire planet was at risk? How can there be exemptions?

The fraudulent nature of the Trudeau carbon tax keeps getting more and more clear.

The latest example is the exemptions being given to coal-powered plants in New Brunswick:

According to a CBC report, “In a climate-policy retreat over the treatment of coal, federal Liberals are proposing to loosen emission standards for power plants that burn the fuel, effectively lowering carbon taxes on each tonne of greenhouse gas released from coal-burning stations, like NB Power’s Belledune, next year to less than $1.”

Before you think the Trudeau Liberals are abandoning their destruction of the coal industry, keep in mind that they still plan to shut the entire Canadian coal industry down by 2030.

But with seats in New Brunswick on the line, and with the province turning against the Trudeau carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals are temporarily retreating, and showing the hilariously arbitrary and political nature of the fraudulent tax.

According to the report, “The proposed exemption for coal is so large it will eliminate most of the carbon taxes New Brunswick’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, NB Power, was warned it would be facing just six months ago. It would also allow it to continue releasing most of the greenhouse gases it currently produces at its coal-fired generating station in Belledune for free.”

The Belledune station emits 838 tonnes of green house gases per gigawatt hour of electricity. It will be exempted from 800 tonnes.

Last week, the Trudeau Liberals said “pollution isn’t free,” but now it appears it will be 95% free in some cases.

Of course, it’s not really ‘pollution’ when it’s about providing the power needed to keep our society and economy functioning.

All Canadians should be exempt from the carbon tax, not just big companies in places where the Liberals don’t want to lose seats. After all, the the Alberta oil industry isn’t being exempted from the carbon tax – so why should other industries get breaks?

And further to this, by giving exemptions the Trudeau Liberals show that even they don’t believe the carbon tax is necessary. They can’t simultaneously claim that we are facing a ‘global emergency’ requiring carbon taxes in Canada while also giving exemptions.

If the carbon tax was really necessary, than no exemptions can be given. And if exemptions can be given, it’s not necessary and should be scrapped entirely.

Clearly, it’s all a massive fraud.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Norbert Kausen

So the liberal fraudsters are trying to buy votes!

Don Taylor

Trudeau the criminal a complete Fraud!


If this doesn’t prove they are vote buying then there is no hope. If NB doesn’t see this & they still support him then all I have said about the eastern idiots is true.


Seems to work and Canadians buying it. Totally mad. Just think what our veterans gave up for Canada and what we see is Canadians settling and being bought out no Ethics

Ken (Kulak)

Why not when you have a fraudulent government.


It would seem unfair at best of times when the most polluters get exemptions. Even us ordinary people need exemptions on our home heating. Most Canadian home owners today have high efficiency furnaces 96 % to 97 % which we should be taxed only on the 5% to 3% , yet we are taxed on the 100%. This Liberal Carbon Tax is already a colossal failure. In 20 years we will still be contributing 1.6% to 2 % of the earths carbon. The rest of the world will be producing more.


Using the carbon Tax as Vote buying tactic in New Brunswick while decimating the Prairie provinces. The Libranos have no shame.
Thanks again for this report, Spencer..


The carbon tax aside from ALL WE KNOW is totally unfair to Canadians because we are one of the few countries that has to heat our homes a large part of the year to live and we have huge forests across the country to absorb all the pollution. It is not like we could move further south to avoid the minus zero temperature. Perhaps we should seriously consider moving south to the States. Remember, 1 week of pollution in China equals 30 years of pollution in Canada. Really I wonder who should pay the fine to whom. Dont offenders usually… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Or split away from Canada and become another state of the US

Richard Courtemanche

Minister McKenna, As likely an honest person once upon a time, not easy to constantly perpetuate a falsehood, eh! I watched you speaking in the H of C and you just can’t do it with a straight face. You must feel betrayed with the sort of compromising position dysfunctional UN representative Trudeau put you in! Or, are you now comfortable with it? Of course there are measures to help the environment but not by taking Canadians for fools and scamming them with a deceitful carbon tax for Heaven sake! However, as expected in his melodramatic and usual hypocritical manner, self-serving… Read more »


So this is good news right ? When can we expect the same vote buying to take place in Alberta for Sheerness and Wabamun just to name a few. Why do the Liberals just assume everybody is to stupid to see what game their trying to play.

Mike Allan

How Ironic that the left coast voting public had know problem bringing the little socialist trudope to power gets the first big carbon break.Such a libtard hoax.


Spencer, Manny Ottawa has a piece on McKenna’s own footprint, the amount of times she has flown using fossil fuel. Can you show it here? It would show that she has no use in reducing ‘gas emissions’ as she proves it daily.

Normally, when one is committed to reducing ‘gas emissions’ as McKenna is, she surely knows how to use it rather than use ‘SKYPE’.

louis Joannette