REPORT: Trudeau-Controlled Stats Canada Has Already Taken 15 Years Of Canadians Credit Card Info Without Our Knowledge

Global News report reveals even more invasion of Canadians privacy by the formerly-trusted agency.

The more closely we look at Statistics Canada, the worse it gets.

After revelations that the Trudeau government-controlled agency was seeking to take the private banking info of 500,000 Canadians, Global News is reporting that under the Trudeau government, Stats Canada has already taken 15 years worth of our credit card info:

“As Statistics Canada plans to build a massive new personal information bank with the real-time financial transaction data of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, Global News has learned the agency has scooped up 15 years’ worth of credit rating information from a major international credit bureau which could include millions of Canadians.”

“The data harvest was done without the consent or knowledge of those Canadians whose credit history was passed on Statistics Canada.”

Stats Canada took the info in October 2017, and January 2018. The info was from Trans Union – who was ordered to “provide social insurance numbers, names, addresses, dates-of-birth and detailed credit information, including balances owed, balances overdue, and more than 30 other fields or categories of data.”

Andrew Scheer rips Stats Canada’s attempt to take info without the permission of Canadians:

“It caught many, many Canadians by surprise,” Scheer said while speaking at the Toronto Real Estate Board’s annual meeting. “We have a government entity that is not just going to get a snapshots of the population, but specific transactional data about where you’ve been spending your money, what you’ve been putting on your credit card. I believe that is unacceptable.”

All Canadians need to stand against the Trudeau-controlled Stats Canada’s scheme to take our info

Government agencies are supposed to serve the Canadian people, not take our information without permission.

Stats Canada was once a trusted agency, but they are now transforming into a dangerously unaccountable and dishonest bureaucracy.

And unfortunately, this scandal now calls all of their data and info into question. If they’re willing to take so much from us without asking us, how can we trust anything that they are saying?

Spencer Fernando

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Kokanee groper needs to start wearing a brown shirt.


“Leadership by deception isn’t leadership. It’s fraud.”
― DaShanne Stokes


This overt action by a Government out of Control could impede our Guarantee of self Determination !


I think everyone needs to take all of their money out of their banks!!!!


Under Freedom of information, can we determine how much the PM put on his personal credit cards during his many vacations in 2017, 2018. At the same time, can we get an accounting of Irving family member VISA expenditures.

Ivan Hawkes

Cities have cameras looking up your nose at every intersection, invading your privacy. The federal government of Canada obviously has NO RESPECT for Canadians privacy by snooping into your decision making and your life decisions. What is Justin’s intention with this information? The LIEberals will come up with some lame excuse for this invasion of privacy, which will definitely be just ANOTHER LIE.

Tom l McLean

Funny How the Cops need a real investigation, facts etc to get a warrant to get this kind of information from people. How can the Fed’s & Trudeau get away with doing this to us? It’s like they came uninvited into our homes, & went through our personal banking files & Credit Card statements. I did not & will not consent to this. What is our remedy & how can we find out if the Gov’t took our info & gave it to Stats Canada? What if this info is also being used for nefarious partisan purposes. I suspect the… Read more »

shawn harris

In the last election Trudeau promised more openness and transparency and has delivered more of a totalitarian state. Stats Canada was a reputable and trusted source of information for citizens and businesses, but has now morphed into a tool of control, to be used by a deceitful, arrogant and narcissistic Prime Minister, Trudeau. Trudeau just keeps on taking everything he can from Canadians, first it was our right to free speech, gone with the rewrite of the summer jobs program. Next it was helping the middle class by increasing , not decreasing our taxes. Then it was the economy’s turn… Read more »


Pass along to all Family friends neighbours etc. All need to get out to vote this Corruption out. Every Canadian must take action!

Mike Allan

And you believed that little socialist dictator.Shame on you.

James Adair UE

Why am I not surprised. Trudeau let the cat out of the bag concerning his governmental strategy when he candidly stated he admired Communist China’s methods of governance some time ago. If he gets a second term in power we will really feel the jack boots of authoritarian regime on our collective throats.

Richard Courtemanche

Agenda 21, now delayed until 2030, requires that people become entirely dispossessed except for the clothes on their on their back (almost) and it appears that Trudeau is striving to be at the front line with that project executive party.

Douglas Reed

So what legal statute empowered Stats Canada to force TransUnion to give up the data other than the implied extortion of “Do it, or Else…”.

Mike Allan

The Ignorance of the little jihadi socialist trudope shines through bright and clear once again.

Mike Allan

If trans union credit reporting is responsible for this invasion of privacy a class action lawsuit against trudope and trans union must be incorporated by all the law abiding citizens that were infringed apon.We have to stand against jihadi trudope NOW.