WATCH: Candice Bergen Slams Trudeau Over Stats Canada Invasion Of Privacy

“Canadians are rightly worried,” said Bergen.

In Question Period, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen slammed Justin Trudeau on the issue of Stats Canada wanting to violate the privacy of Canadians.

Stats Canada is seeking to access the private banking records of 500,000 Canadians, and have already accessed 15 years worth of Canadians’ credit card information.

And Canadians aren’t happy about it:

“With the long history of government privacy breaches, Canadians are rightly worried. Why are the Liberals collecting the personal data of Canadians, without telling them?” asked Bergen.

In response, Trudeau gave some talking-point answers, that don’t address the real problems here.

First of all, the government can’t promise that our data is protected, since the government has regularly had information go missing or get leaked. And considering the fact that even the U.S. Pentagon can’t protect all their info as seen in past breaches, why would we expect that the Canadian government could protect our data?

Furthermore, the government shouldn’t be able to collect this info in the first place.

Our banking and credit card info should remain private and out of the prying eyes of the state. Trudeau’s willingness to violate the privacy of Canadians is appalling, and must be opposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Moe. S.

If CEO Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook could not protect hackers from accessing millions of Facebook accounts I have NO reason to trust Trudeau’s gov’t can or will protect our banking info from global hackers. To test Trudeau’s reassurances our banking info will be safe, he should volunteer to be among the first 500,000 Canadians to have their banking info accessed. Then again, his money is probably in an offshore or Swiss bank account, safe from prying eyes.

Diane DiFlorio

Need I remind you and all Canadians that Turdhole really never answered the question?

Moe. S.

CORRECTION: If CEO Zuckerburg of Facebook could not prevent hackers from accessing millions of Facebook account…etc.

shawn harris

If Trudeau still believes that the public still has any trust left in his government, then he is totally delusional. He has done nothing but lied from before he was elected PM and now we are supposed to take him at his word, that our extremely important personal data will be protected. That was and still is like trusting him, when he said budgets will balance themselves and we still have our rights, just so long as we agree with his definition of exactly what those rights are. Also , just what does Stats Canada need with our financial records,… Read more »

Ron Shaw

This upcoming privacy invasion needs to become an election issue , if junior gets his way it’s one more nail in the liberal / communist , UN , world order plan to take total control of our banking , healthcare , and credit card privacy information . This dictatorship has no right to snoop into my privacy . I want Canadians to vote on this issue , then tell Todumb to fuc# off , and give us his own private banking , health care ,credit card private information , then make it available to all Canadians , then let’s see… Read more »

Ben Eby

This a serious invasion of personal privacy. Trudeau, Butts and the rest of the Liberal thugs could care less. They know that Canadian apathy regarding government and politics will let them continue this reprehensible attack on our freedoms with impunity. Until Canadians learn to take action these despicable people they will continue with their agenda to destroy the Canadian freedoms and democracy itself.


Is this illegal as a Judges warrant has not been written to give them my personal information?


What Stats Can is doing at the request of Trudeau is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. Make the law stop them.

Mike Allan

Only we the people can stop jihadi trudope.He will and can do a lot more damage to the law abiding citizens.Behind the scenes trudope is writing and changing laws as I write theses few words.Never under estimate any libtard.Specially one with fake eyebrows like the globalist trudope.

Trudy Craig

Right if everyone closed their bank accounts the banks would sit upand take notice


Will the reporters give their god jihadi Justin Trudeau full access into their private bank accounts and all of their financial affairs? I am sure they will.
Our private lives have no business in fed gov. We all have to contact our bank/s, financiers or wherever we deposit our finances into, TO NOT SHOW OUR FINANCES TO ANYONE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION OR FOR SOME ,WILL. REMOVE THEIR ACCOUNTS FROM THE BANKS.


Justine Pinocchio, prime minister, NPC, douche.