WATCH: Candice Bergen Slams Trudeau Over Stats Canada Invasion Of Privacy

“Canadians are rightly worried,” said Bergen.

In Question Period, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen slammed Justin Trudeau on the issue of Stats Canada wanting to violate the privacy of Canadians.

Stats Canada is seeking to access the private banking records of 500,000 Canadians, and have already accessed 15 years worth of Canadians’ credit card information.

And Canadians aren’t happy about it:

“With the long history of government privacy breaches, Canadians are rightly worried. Why are the Liberals collecting the personal data of Canadians, without telling them?” asked Bergen.

In response, Trudeau gave some talking-point answers, that don’t address the real problems here.

First of all, the government can’t promise that our data is protected, since the government has regularly had information go missing or get leaked. And considering the fact that even the U.S. Pentagon can’t protect all their info as seen in past breaches, why would we expect that the Canadian government could protect our data?

Furthermore, the government shouldn’t be able to collect this info in the first place.

Our banking and credit card info should remain private and out of the prying eyes of the state. Trudeau’s willingness to violate the privacy of Canadians is appalling, and must be opposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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