DECEPTION: As Election Gets Closer, Trudeau Will Pretend To Be More Conservative

It’s already begun.

As I scanned some of the recent headlines, I’ve noticed an interesting trend:

On some of the key issues, Justin Trudeau is pretending to be more conservative, seeking to give the appearance of a shift towards common-sense in an effort to stay in power.

For example, Ralph Goodale is now saying the federal government doesn’t have a ‘legal obligation’ to bring back ‘citizens’ (ISIS terrorists) detained in Syria.

The Canadian Border Services Agency says they are going to ‘substantially’ increase deportations.

And the Trudeau government’s carbon tax retreats (keeping the tax in place while offering politically-motivated concessions), shows they are trying to ‘soften the blow’ of the hated tax.

This is all part of a calculated effort by the Trudeau Liberals to appear more conservative as the election approaches.

And we need to expose it.

They are hoping that their radical leftist agenda will fade in memory, while they pretend to be somewhat reasonable for the next year. If they get away with it (and the media will certainly help them), then they could end up appearing moderate enough to remain in power.

That’s why we need to keep bringing attention to how the Trudeau government is lying to the Canadian People.

Remember, Justin Trudeau called ISIS terrorists a “powerful voice,” his government let them return to the country, they imposed the carbon tax against the opposition of Canadians, they allowed the illegal border crossings to become a national crisis, and they’ve repeatedly betrayed the Canadian People. A false shift in a conservative direction can’t change any of that, and the truth needs to be exposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Lets hope for a complete Liberal flush in 2019…


With your help and others we can make that happen. Pass along to all.


Canadians will not let his betrayal of privacy of our personal finances be forgotten by a phoney performance.

Claudine Prosper

I lived under his father and they said the same thing abaout him. It’s all so scary!


totally agree with your assessments of trudesu, he is a con artist, there is a reason he was a drama teacher

Mops Jones

A con artist indeed….we must get rid of him.


Good catch. I’ve noticed as well lately cbc & others from the globalist “group think tanks” are running more fairly irrelevant U.S. based stories than usual always with a negative angle. Thanks. Shared as always.

Mike Allan

Don’t you believe that little socialist p****.trudope is a simple mine that doesn’t feel any compassion for the law abiding citizens of a once great country.Six billion dollars to the globalist UN in 2017.We can all give thanks to the east and west coast for a unanimous vote for jihadi trudope. I truly hope the voting citizens of Canada never forget what they did to all the hard working men and women. I want to know how much of that money went to the trudope foundation.Don’t forget people to make sure that a referendum is on the 2019 ballot for… Read more »


Once a deceitful traitor, ALWAYS a deceitful traitor ….


Never trust a snake who has been dishing out free snake oil, once a snake always a snake. Let’s make him accountable and follow the money trail my bet is it leads to the PET Foundation.

Chaz Martel

A sick, twisted and treasonous leopard will not change its spots.

He will not be fooling anybody, but the idiots who voted for him in the first place. His base has shrunk however, this I know for a fact.

No Conservative will vote for him that is for sure. The main risk is Conservatives abstaining, or God forbid, voting for Trudeau indirectly, by voting for Bernier. Bad idea.

Mike Allan

May I ask you about why you believe that Bernier does not have Canada’s best interest?


I believe Bernier has good ideas. BUT, if you vote for him, that is taking votes away from the Conservatives! Bernier is going nowhere anyway, too new to most people. Give him 5 years and decide.

Don Taylor

A leopard cant change its spots and neither can Turdeau and his band of thieves

Norbert Kausen

Canadians are FULLY aware of his treason against Canada on ALL fronts! Canadians will NOT forget that he is a tyrant, a wannabe dictator and is determined to destroy Canada! There is NOTHING that could fool Canadians into falling for his ” conserative” fraud! He will always be so far left, that he has left the stage. He is a globalist, a communist and he is a traitor!

shawn harris

The problem with Trudeau’s and his Liberal masterminds plan, is that they have already done so much damage in such a short period of time. That the voting public have more than enough evidence to remind themselves of just how much of a deceitful, conceited liar Trudeau is. And Trudeau will be constantly reminded by the examples of his deceit, hypocrisy and outright lies, that he will trip easily over everything he pretends to be. Thus exposing his signature trait, that of a liar, narcissist and arrogant person. If Trudeau expects that his enormous record of damage will be easily… Read more »


Unfortunately, there are a significant number of gullible Canadians who have short term memories. Trudeau will shower these folks with gifts and they will support him by voting for him again.
Mark my words, this will happen

don morris

This is,of course,an old Liberal trick, campaign to the Right, govern to the Left. I always liked Chretien’s motto,” tell ’em what they want to hear,then do what you must once elected”. Good advice from a wily politician. Scheer has to adopt some of the Liberal craftiness and campaign down the center,with a very slight tilt to the Right, but if he goes full-on conservative, it’s four MORE years of PM Justin. Scheer must avoid becoming sucked into controversies the left knows are anti-conservative: abortion, gay marriage,and now to complete the trio: marijuana legalization. If Scheer has the good sense… Read more »

Ray Decorby

CLOWN Prince

Sandra C

There’s just too many people out there that still believe Trudeau and will support him no matter what. Then, there are those that are not watching the news and have no clue what he is doing, because they don’t care or can’t be bothered. I have talked to so many people, that have absolutely, no clue to what Trudeau is doing. They are not in any way, staying informed. Those who are newcomers, just see what Trudeau is giving them and will vote for Trudeau in order to keep those handouts from the Liberals coming their way. The child benefit… Read more »