DECEPTION: As Election Gets Closer, Trudeau Will Pretend To Be More Conservative

It’s already begun.

As I scanned some of the recent headlines, I’ve noticed an interesting trend:

On some of the key issues, Justin Trudeau is pretending to be more conservative, seeking to give the appearance of a shift towards common-sense in an effort to stay in power.

For example, Ralph Goodale is now saying the federal government doesn’t have a ‘legal obligation’ to bring back ‘citizens’ (ISIS terrorists) detained in Syria.

The Canadian Border Services Agency says they are going to ‘substantially’ increase deportations.

And the Trudeau government’s carbon tax retreats (keeping the tax in place while offering politically-motivated concessions), shows they are trying to ‘soften the blow’ of the hated tax.

This is all part of a calculated effort by the Trudeau Liberals to appear more conservative as the election approaches.

And we need to expose it.

They are hoping that their radical leftist agenda will fade in memory, while they pretend to be somewhat reasonable for the next year. If they get away with it (and the media will certainly help them), then they could end up appearing moderate enough to remain in power.

That’s why we need to keep bringing attention to how the Trudeau government is lying to the Canadian People.

Remember, Justin Trudeau called ISIS terrorists a “powerful voice,” his government let them return to the country, they imposed the carbon tax against the opposition of Canadians, they allowed the illegal border crossings to become a national crisis, and they’ve repeatedly betrayed the Canadian People. A false shift in a conservative direction can’t change any of that, and the truth needs to be exposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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