Privacy Commissioner To Investigate Stats Canada As Backlash Against Data-Grab Grows

Investigation comes after nationwide outrage over attempt to access Canadians’ private banking information.

Canada’s privacy commissioner is going to look into Statistics Canada’s demand to access the private banking info of Canadians, as a backlash against the agency continues to grow.

According to Global News, “Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien said in a statement Wednesday it’s launching the investigation after receiving complaints related to Statistics Canada’s collection of personal banking information. The announcement comes after Chief statistician Anil Arora defended the agency’s decision to compel the country’s nine largest financial institutions to turn over that data without their consent.”

Outrage has spread throughout the country, yet Justin Trudeau has refused to stand up for Canadians, instead defending the horrible attempted privacy breach by the StatsCan bureaucracy.

As Conservative MP Lisa Raitt said, “Canadians don’t agree with it. My phone is ringing off the hook and so are the phones of my colleagues. Facebook is on fire. Canadians don’t like this.”

Not only must Canadians demand that this privacy breach is stopped, but we must call on the Opposition parties to come together in support of legislation stripping Stats Canada of the ability to get that info in the first place.

The government is supposed to serve us, not take our info without asking.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

There is a way to stop things like this, get RID OF THE LIBERAL GOVT especially with the mentally challenged TRUDEAU as their leader

Ralph Knapp

This egregious theft of Canadians’ “confidential” information to be used for political purposes is an outrageous violation of our right to privacy. Stats Can should not of released it without, at the very least, a court order. If Canadians needed just one reason to kick the Boy’s butt to the curb, this it.

John Deere

I don’t have high hopes of anything coming of this. Most likely, Stats Canada acting on instructions from PMO.


Canada Revenue Agency is behind this, although I suspect the RCMP would consider the information valuable as well. Of course, Turdo isn’t above doing a Bill Clinton and using the tax department against those who might not want to get into his canoe….