TRICK: Trudeau Falsely Claims Only Opposition Parties Shout In Question Period, Says Liberals Are “Serious & Respectful”

He told the lie to some visiting students.

It looks like Justin Trudeau was in more of a trick mood than a treat mood for Halloween, as he tried tricking some visiting students about what happens in Question Period.

That’s according to a report that included obtained cellphone video showing Trudeau telling the lie to visiting students:

“We try and stay, you know, serious and respectful. They like to shout,” he said of his political foes. “That’s something that happens naturally in opposition.”

Of course, the Liberals regularly shout back and insult their opponents in Question Period. In fact, Trudeau once screamed obscenities at Conservative MP Peter Kent, and elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau when he angrily walked through the House of Commons.

Conservative MP Chris Warkentin criticized Trudeau for the deception:

“What was concerning to me, as a young father who has kids that would be that age, would be that the prime minister would be presenting his party and the opposition parties in such a way that would lead young kids to believe that there was a good side and a bad side. I think, upon reflection, the prime minister probably shouldn’t do that.”

This all raises the following question: If Trudeau is willing to lie so blatantly to some visiting students, why would anything think he’s telling the truth on anything else?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

There is no doubt at it Trudeau is the consummate LIAR

Ralph Knapp

Anytime you see Trudeau move his lips, he’s lying.

alan skelhorne

what do you expect from another quebecer, remember he said, quebec runs canada, quebec owns canada. need i say more.

Norbert Kausen

As we ALL know, Trudeau is a pathological liar!!!

don morris

Trudeau shows complete contempt for the democratic process, parliament, and the people of Canada by never actually answering a question, instead deflecting into political boilerplate and cliches, as he has done since the first time he ever made a public speech. An adoring media has let him get away with this his entire political life. Replay Trudeau via yutube on question period, you will NEVER hear him actually address the question, and definitely never give a sensible answer. Trudeau has nothing BUT contempt for US, but maybe that’s because so many of us are dumb enough to swallow his BS… Read more »