Carbon Tax Will Hurt Canadian Nutrient Sector, Could Shift Production To China Says CEO

Thanks to Trudeau’s carbon tax, China (the world’s biggest emitter), will get richer at our expense.

Tony Will, the CEO of CF Industries – a U.S. nitrogen producer based in Illinois – says the Trudeau carbon tax makes it tough for him to invest in Canada, and will likely shift production to China.

Here’s what Bloomberg reported about Will’s comments:

“Tony Will, chief executive officer of the Deerfield, Illinois-based nitrogen producer, said Thursday that he’s looked at expansion in Canada — where it already has some operations — but the labor costs and “governmental actions” make any investment challenging.

“The Trudeau government and some of their carbon backstop legislation makes it really challenging for us to want to put any kind of new capital up there right now,” Will said on the company’s third quarter earnings call. “They’re doing things that are really anti-business and make it very difficult for us to want to spend money in that particular area.”

The world needs nutrient production and it could end up being driven to China if other plants shut down, he said. Trudeau’s carbon plan, unveiled last month, will tax fuel and also the outputs of big emitters in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.”

This shows how destructive and pathetic the carbon tax is.

China is the world’s biggest emitter. Their emissions are going up. Meanwhile, Canada contributes almost nothing to global emissions, and our emissions are down in the last two decades.

Yet, because of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, money and jobs that could have come to Canada will instead go towards China. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot and making the Communist state richer at our expense.

How can anyone take the carbon tax seriously? How can anyone doubt the damage it’s going to do to our country?

Spencer Fernando

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