Communist China Keeps Expanding Their Brutal Internment Camps, As Cowardly Politicians Remain Silent

The Trudeau government is quick to criticize our closest ally the United States. Yet they have little to say about China’s ruthless expansion of horrendous internment camps.

We like to think that internment camps are a thing of that past.

But Communist China is bringing them back big time.

China’s treatment of citizens in the majority-Muslim region of Xinjiang has veered from hostile to totally totalitarian.

Far from simply seeking integration, China has put up to one million people in mass internment camps, depriving them of any bit of freedom they once had.

And the internment camps are spreading.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, satellite images show that the “footprint of 28 interment centers has increased significantly since 2016.”

The total floor area of the facilities is said to have grown by a whopping 465%.

It’s the kind of authoritarian and totalitarian government cruelty that we were supposed to have relegated to the past, but as always Communists show zero respect for human rights or freedom.

What makes this all so horrendous – beyond the the awful treatment of Chinese Muslims in Xinjiang – is the cowardly response by governments around the world, including the Trudeau government.

It’s the hypocrisy that is really the issue here, since the Trudeau Liberals are quick to denounce our closest ally the United States, and go crazy when Trump tweets something that is deemed ‘offensive.’ Remember, Trudeau’s disastrous ‘welcome to Canada’ tweet came in response to Trump’s travel ban (or what some called a ‘Muslim ban’).

Yet, when China actually detains a million Muslim citizens and deprives them of their freedom, the Trudeau government still openly talks about how they want more trade and closer relations with China.

So, tweets from our ally get condemned, while brutal totalitarianism from a Communist state gets ignored.


Spencer Fernando

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