Ford Government Slams Trudeau Liberals For Ongoing Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

Say Trudeau government isn’t compensating provinces and are ignoring Canadians who want the illegal border crossing crisis stopped.

The fight between the Ford Government and the Trudeau Government continues to heat up.

Now, the Ford government is slamming the Trudeau Liberals for the continued failure to stop the illegal border crossing.

Here’s what they said in a recent press release:

“An increasing number of Canadians lack confidence in the federal government’s ability to manage the influx of illegal border crossers, according to a federal internal poll recently released under access-to-information law.

“The Trudeau government is not only refusing to compensate the provinces for their border mismanagement,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, “they are refusing to listen to what Canadians are telling them in their own polls.”

The news comes as the Federal Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, takes the stage at the Canadian Club today.
According to public opinion surveys conducted by the federal government, only 35 per cent of online respondents agreed that the government is taking appropriate steps to manage illegal border crossings into Canada, while only 18 per cent felt the number of people claiming asylum was at the appropriate level.

In July, Ontario formally asked the federal government to fully compensate the province and municipalities for the costs associated with illegal border crossers. In addition, a motion was made last week at the Standing Committee on Public Accounts requesting the province’s Auditor General to conduct an audit of the costs associated with illegal border crossers.

“We need to have a thorough understanding of the costs and the pressures on provincial and municipal services,” said MacLeod. “In Toronto, approximately 40 per cent of shelter occupants are refugees.”

Since the start of 2017, 36,000 asylum seekers have crossed illegally into Canada at unofficial points of entry. So far this year, the numbers are higher than during the same time span in 2017. Reports tabled in the House of Commons show that only 398 people have been removed to date.

“We pride ourselves on being a welcoming province for all newcomers to Canada,” concluded MacLeod. “However, we have been clear from the very beginning that when our social services experience this type of pressure, our commitment is to refugees and asylum seekers who have entered Canada legally, and to individuals who permanently reside in our province.”

A clear contrast

The Trudeau Liberals have been increasing their attacks on Ford – particularly over Ford’s opposition to the carbon tax.

And it’s obvious why the Liberals are so scared of Ford: He actually keeps his promises.

While Doug Ford has done exactly what he said he would, Justin Trudeau has repeatedly lied to the Canadian People and broken their promises. The more Ford governs, the more he shows how dishonest Justin Trudeau is, so Trudeau is desperate to discredit him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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William Goddu

There is only one way to stop this and Direct Democracy is the way folks.
End voting for corrupt representatives and let us govern ourselves and Our Country. Enough is enough! Money in the bank this way. Their way we lose always.


Love to hear Ford again standing up to the tyranny of Liberals. Wynne down and Trudugo. Seriously, the Trudeau Liberals are tearing the country apart with their lies and policies.