REPORT: Trudeau Liberals Using Taxpayer Money To Push Open Borders Propaganda

Instead of listening to the vast majority of Canadians who want our border protected and want immigration brought down to more reasonable levels, the Trudeau Liberals are ‘doubling down’ on massive immigration increases.

As we all know, polls show a clear majority of Canadians want either less immigration, or immigration held at about 250,000 per year.

Fewer than 10% want massive immigration increases.

And yet, the Trudeau Liberals are listening only to that tiny fringe, and are ignoring the vast majority of the Canadian People.

The Trudeau government is pushing massive immigration increases, pushing the yearly rate by 33%.

And with Canadians turning against their immigration policies, and demanding an end to the illegal border crossing crisis, the Trudeau government plans to use our taxpayer dollars on a propaganda campaign to push their hated open borders agenda.

They’ve launched a campaign called #ImmigrationMatters, and in a recent speech Ahmed Hussen insinuated that Canadians who oppose the open borders agenda are somehow ‘anti-immigrant’ and ‘anti-refugee.’

Here’s what he said in a speech:

“We cannot take what we have for granted. The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee rhetoric that is all around us — we are not immune to that. This is the challenge before me and all of us — to double down on immigration, but also to really, really communicate, and listen carefully and communicate the real benefits of immigration locally. Because if we don’t, it’s going to be difficult for certain people who have anxieties about the economy and about their future to see immigration as a positive thing.”

Take a look at that: “Double down on immigration.”

What that really means is the Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on a policy opposed by the vast majority of the Canadian People. They are imposing an open borders agenda that hurts Canadian workers, hurts legal immigrants, and hurts legitimate refugees fleeing actual danger.

And now, they’re using our tax dollars to push that agenda on us against our opposition.

It doesn’t get any more anti-democratic than that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

This is a message for Trudeau and Hussen, START LISTENING to the Canadian people we are tired of you using our money to do what ever you want ,that obnoxious party of yours is coming to end.


The LIEberal/ndp U.N. run government is as UN-Canadian as it can get. They must be stopped before the collapse and ruin of our Canada.

Glen Aldridge

I find it quite ironic that after our immigration minister turns Canada into a third world country that he plans to return to his beautiful Mogadishu to educate other Somalians how to immigrate here. Is that not the most arrogant plan you have ever heard? He ruins our country and already has plans to leave because it wouldn’t be good enough for him here.

Norbert Kausen

We, as Canadians, must stop these vile Trudeau liberals from destroying our country and using OUR tax dollars todo it! There must be a massive movement by all Canadians to lodge a collective complaint, a class action lawsuit against the government, demanding a referendum and recalling thses reprehnsible excuses for politicians!


Trudeau and his corrupt government has to go! A nation without borders is not a country! The laws in Canada has to be changed to protect us against corrupt government! When the opposition government can’t do anything because of the marjory of seats, is absolutely ridiculous. We the people should be able to demand that Trudeau and his corrupt government step down because Trudeau is committed crimes against Canada and our Charter Of right, we did not ask him to open our borders or spend our taxes in foreign Countries that support terrorists or let traitors like ISIS fighters into… Read more »

shawn harris

Yes Canada needs immigration, for a variety of valid reasons, such as skilled workers, investors, businessmen and to help keep our society healthy and running, by contributing to our safety social net through paying taxes. Does that mean we need to massively increase our levels of immigration to maintain the status quo we have now?. Absolutely not. And that doesn’t mean we are “anti immigration or anti immigrant”, such as the minister Ahmed Hussen directly implies. It just means we know that, right now and for the foreseeable future , there just isn’t any real evidence to support such a… Read more »