Another Liberal Government Bites The Dust After NB Libs Lose Confidence Vote

A Conservative government will take power.

Yet another Liberal government has fallen.

The New Brunswick Liberal government led by Brian Gallant has been defeated in a confidence vote.

In a 25-23 vote, the New Brunswick House supported a motion by the PC party that said there was no confidence in the Liberal government.

The PCs, along with the support of the small People’s Alliance party voted in favour of the motion, meaning the Liberal government has fallen.

After the vote, Gallant said he would go to the Lieutenant Governor to ask for Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs to be given a chance to test confidence of the House.

Higgs and the Conservatives have the votes alongside the People’s Alliance to pass a confidence motion, meaning another Liberal government will be replaced by a Conservative government.

The defeat of the NB Liberals follows huge Liberal losses in Ontario and Quebec, where Centre-right governments decisively defeated Liberals aligned with the federal Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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diane vickerson


Ivan Hawkes

Canada’s federal Liberals have proven themselves irresponsible and foolish with spending away and giving away the Canadian economy through ridiculous programs and projects that have blown away multiples of BILLIONS. Be it international dealings (which only worsened our international relationships) or decisions affecting Canada’s business development, the LIEberals have messed up Canada’s potential and progress immeasurably. Justin may possibly be okay as a part time snow board instructor, but leading a nation is FAR FAR beyond his scope. Some people are foolish enough to feel supportive of the LIEberals, though I am at a complete loss as to understanding why.