Canadian Exports & Imports Fall, Trade Deficit Continues

Canada has now run a trade deficit for the past 21 months.

Add this to the increase of negative economic data facing Canadians:

Imports and exports both fell, and Canada ran a trade deficit for the 21st consecutive month.

In September, exports fell 0.2%, while imports dropped 0.4%.

Canada’s trade deficit in September hit $416 million.

It had been originally thought the streak of trade deficits was broken in August, when the government initially said there had been a surplus of $526 million. However, that was since revised to a deficit of $551 million, keeping the streak of deficits going.

The fact that Canada has had a trade deficit for nearly two years is concerning, and points to the underlying issues in our economy.

Added to the investment collapse, household debt crisis, rising interest rates, rising taxes, and more, the Canadian economy is facing serious problems which are being made far worse by the policies of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

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Not surprising to hear all this gloom and doom since the pos and alleged father of this current pos pm almost bankrupted Canada. Apparently the Canadian people never learn.


Plus $556 million revised to -$551 million ?? A Liberal mistake of over $1.1 BILLION. In ONE month? We have been advised that Government budgets balance themselves but that needs tax income. Liberal accounting practices, I guess.


I still stupidly cannot believe any Canadian voted for this “ruin Canada U.N. run government”.


Canadians will vote for Trudeau again to prove they aren’t American…….and we are admired in the world for being socialists. This time it’s working…… know……..

Dave Bainard

Kind of thinking that StatsCan can’t handle economic data let alone have time to delve into my meager bank acct. More Liberal pipedreams.


They will look to see what political party you contribute to, and make sure you get extra RC attention if it’s donations to conservative blogs or parties..

Gonzo the Magnificent

And the budget will balance itself. OOOOK!

Ivan Hawkes

Justin is a simple puppet of the UN & globalist agendas. Those groups would like nothing more than the Canadian economy and social stability to fall down, way down. They dictate to Justin who is more than happy to comply while undermining Canadian people and our rightful potential. Justin has proved it as obvious that his intention is the destruction of Canada’s stability, economy, and social compatibility. Justin has proven he intends to drive Canadians to their knees in the mud. Those who are foolish enough to support the LIEberals are asking for a future of debt slavery and untold… Read more »