VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Rips Trudeau’s “Unbelievable Assault On Your Financial Privacy”

“This is your private financial information. It belongs to you, not the government.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed Justin Trudeau’s attempt through Stats Canada to access the private financial information of the Canadian People.

In a video, Scheer called it an “unbelievable assault on your financial privacy.”

“This is your private financial information. It belongs to you, not the government,” said Scheer.

“The government has a responsibility to protect your personal information, not to take it without your consent,” added Scheer.

Scheer’s video can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sweden is well on it’s way to being cashless. Digital only. Shortly after getting elected, Trudeau brought in Bail In Legislation. This means if a Bank claims it is failing it can take everything in your accounts, including investments and savings, and issue bank shares. What intelligent Canadian would accept shares in a failing bank? I doubt if our money would be returned. Recording every digital transaction gives Trudeau eventual control of your entire life and we end up with cash being illegal. That leads to complete control of society, something Trudeau admires in the Communist Chinese dictatorship. Trudeau… Read more »

Don Taylor

the whole Trudeau Govt should be shut down and shut the Globalist actions down to.

shawn harris

Slowly and steadily Trudeau is takinging away our freedoms , rights, and protections. All in the name of his socialist creed of progressive fairness and equality for everyone. Now, especially since Trudeau believes that the public won’t accept or listen to anymore of his lies, deceptions and arrogance , he is seeking more power and control, not through the ballot box , but through the bureaucratic backdoor of the federal government and using Statistics Canada as his prefered tool of choice. Since our financial data is now under threat of being used for no good or beneficial purpose other than… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Well said. The irony is that contemporary Eastern Europe now resembles the old Western Europe and even the old Canada more than we do now.

Sandra C

I can’t believe the sanctimonious gall of this man.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin decided to GIVE AWAY BILLIONS of our money to foreign leaders with no expectations or restrictions. Justin has decided to blow BILLIONS in the numerous programs and projects that have turned out to be failures. Justin STILL hasn’t fixed or replaced the phoenix payment system for government employees, nor have the LIEberals done anything for the First Nations people who STILL don’t have drinkable water. Now after destroying business potential and having blown away so very many billions, Justin wants to know how much money you have available and how you use it. Justin wasn’t open with how he… Read more »

Dave French

In 2019 VOTE OUT TRUDEAU & ALL LIBERALS = communists-dictators-traitors.!!!
VOTERS have the Power & hold all the Cards …
as we are all going to hell in a hand-basket with these LIBERALS.!!!