WATCH: Trudeau Liberals Leave Door Open To Massive Carbon Tax Hikes

The tax grab will only get worse.

In a recent Question Period, the Trudeau Liberals were given four opportunities to say the carbon tax wouldn’t go over $50 a tonne.

Each time, they refused.

As a result, they’ve left the door open to even more massive increases to the hated carbon tax, further increasing the devastating impact of the tax on Canadians.

Pierre Poilievre pointed out that a government analysis ‘quietly’ released online shows that after the next federal election, the Trudeau Liberals plan to hike the carbon tax far above the $50 per tonne cost. One government briefing note said it could be up 600% higher.

A UN report which the Trudeau government has cited has even said the tax needs to be 100 times higher – which would absolutely destroy the entire Canadian economy and send our standard of living to that of a third world disaster country.

Polievre asked over and over whether the Liberals would increase the carbon tax above the stated figure. Over and over again, the Liberals refused to deny it.

You can watch the video below:

“NEWS: The Liberals have declined to confirm that they won’t raise the Trudeau Carbon Tax beyond $50 per ton. When asked four times in #QP on Friday, the Liberals did not answer pointed questions about future price increases to their Carbon Tax.”

This is yet another reason why the entire carbon tax needs to be totally scrapped. The Trudeau Liberals will never stop at the current tax grab, and will keep on taking more and more of our money if they remain in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau and the entire Liberal Party need to be totally scrapped. That idiot and his treasonous government will completely bankrupt and destroy this country. It couldn’t be more clear that that pos has no loyalty whatsoever to this country that he is supposed to be serving.


That is why they are unlawfully taking our personal banking records, our very poor no country, post national state will be reality once they figure out how much more to forcefully take in fake taxes.


Each time the liberals refuse to answer is proof that ‘carbon tax’ will increase beyond control.

I enjoy watching Pierre, he is so efficient at what he does.


It used to be just the dictatorial Liberal mafia cartel at the top, the Ministers and those in the PMO, that were the most hated people in Canada. That is rapidly increasing to include Liberal Party members. Trudeau is deliberately and intentionally pitting Canadian against Canadian, fueled by his sucking up to and rewarding Muslim hate speech advocates and making ISIS terrorists instant multi-millionaires. Step back and compare what Trudeau is doing and what the Liberals / Democrats are doing in the United States. Nearly identical. Corrupt politicians ignoring Laws, promoting and financially rewarding illegal invaders, spying on our personal… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

So, when are we going to throw this liberal garbage to the curb??!!


When are the liberal voters going to realize their leader is going to hose them as well. Do they think they will be exempt from all this corruption and treasonous acts. They better wake up fast. As soon as Trudeau signs on with the UN in Dec. we can kiss our once beautiful country goodbye. Please wake up.

don morris

Hopefully, in the next federal election.


What a waste of time topic. We have plenty of forests in Canada to eliminate the pollution the Liberals are talking about. 1 week of pollution in China equals 30 year of pollution in Canada. Already gas is expensive loaded with government taxes so we dont need more taxes on the litre of gas. In Canada, distances are far and we are disadvantaged because we cant walk to work or commute anywhere without using gas. Furthermore, we should always be a large consumer of energy because we have harsh winters that force us to heat our homes. We can never… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Remember all, the Liberals subscribe to Maurice Strong’s dream of de-industrializing the west. By which Mo meant the cold designation of the western liberal democratic world. This is now part of the Globalization ideology.


Turdo is a Technocrat. Technocrats invented the whole “carbon credit” thing and based the entire monetary system on it. The Soviets were technocrats. Technocracy Inc. is an American/Canadian movement which foreshadowed NAFTA in having a continental resource base to draw on. Sovereignty is incompatible with Technocracy. Soros, Brezinski and I suspect large parts of the “green” movement, such as David Suzuki are closet technocrats. I think of them as communists in lab coats, making sure everyone gets their flu shot, drinks fluoridated water and takes their meds.

Mel Kozun

Yes, I’m curious as to why the official opposition hasn’t published THEIR plan – just like the Liberal government did when THEY were the official opposition …. Oh that’s right – THEY DIDN’T!

shawn harris

Trudeau has said he is all about equality. Well as along as he has held power all Canadians are becoming more equal, in one way, we are all becoming very poor and over taxed. Trudeau is really trying very hard to live up to the quote by Winston Churchill, Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. And as long as Trudeau holds power we shall be living in his dream world of third world poverty. Whereby he can finally be the real and… Read more »


So, how do the fools in the east like their choice that they voted for? What is happening now with the Kokanee groper boy & his dictators, is ALL the fault of the eastern electorate. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. It can be kept from being posted & printed in some venues but it cannot be denied.