DISGRACE: Veterans Affairs ‘Accounting Error’ Screwed Veterans Out Of $165 MILLION

It happened under both Liberal & Conservative governments, between 2002 and 2010.

Between 2002 and 2010, 270,000 Canadian Veterans were screwed out of $165 million in disability and pension payments.

According to a recent report by Murray Brewster, “The mistake was uncovered by the veterans ombudsman’s office, which has worked with the federal department for over a year to get it to confirm the mistake and make amends, federal sources said Monday. The error was made in the monthly indexing calculation on disability awards and pensions and is believed to have started as far back as 2002.”

Veterans Affairs failed to consider the provincial tax credit for individuals in their calculations. As a result, many Veterans received far lower monthly payments than they should have.

Sadly, over 170,000 of the Veterans who were shortchanged have since passed away.

In 2011, the federal government switched to the old system, which ended the miscalculation going forward. However, “The department did not, however, make any move to reimburse veterans for the lost income, which would have — in the worst cases — amounted to a few hundred dollars per month.”

This is a disgraceful error by both Liberal & Conservative federal governments. Notice how the ‘mistakes’ are always towards giving less to Veterans, rather than giving more.

For decades, Canada’s entire political class has been shortchanging our Veterans, and our military overall. Those who fought for our country, and those who fight for our country have been treated as an afterthought.

The government must take immediate action, repay the Veterans who are still alive, and repay the families of the Veterans who have passed on. Anything less only continues the disgraceful betrayal of those who stood up for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

Yes, surely we can pay our defenders when the government can pay people like Khadr.

Elizabeth Thorne

It is time ALL Canadians started looking after Canadians.


I’m a veteran(G-battery 3RCHA 1981-1985) Really disappointed in how our government only uses the military now for personal political purposes now and putting lives in danger needlessly…


Thank you for your service Joe. As a Canadian, I am ashamed at how our governments disrespect our military-particularly the current government. Inexcusable, disgusting and disgraceful.


What kind of standard can we expect bureaucrats to maintain if they can’t even get paid properly? There is a desperate need for draining the Canadian swamp starting at the top. Ships, planes, illegal migrants, affordable housing, friggin carbon taxes and on and on?

shawn harris

Governments need to do more than acknowledge their mistakes verbally, they need to do the right thing and pay for their mistakes by giving all those whom they failed to compensate properly , their funds with interest. Unfortunately, now we have a crusading PM who is more interested in vanity projects and appearing to care than actually doing the right thing. After all Trudeau when confronted at a town hall meeting, he told the veteran that the veterans were asking for more than he ( Trudeau ) was prepared to give, at this time. It truly is a low point… Read more »