NDP Motion To Increase Funding For Veterans Receives Support From Conservatives & Liberals

Proposal would ensure that $124 million in unspent funds goes towards Veterans.

In a rare example of cross party support, the Conservatives & Liberals have said they will support an NDP motion to ensure that money allocated towards Veterans Affairs is actually spent on Veterans every year, instead of being unspent and going towards general revenues.

Previous reports revealed that the Trudeau government had left nearly $400 million in money allocated toward Veterans unspent since winning power, which is a total disgrace. The Conservatives also left over $1 billion in money allocated for Veterans unspent.

Now, the NDP has introduced a motion demanding that all money allocated towards Veterans Affairs be spent by the end of the year. The motion also stipulates that if the money isn’t spent, then it gets added to the Veterans Affairs budget next year – to reduce waiting times for Veterans.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said “Over the past number of years money is promised to Veterans Affairs, that money has lapsed or not been spent. That means veterans have been robbed of finances and resources for the services they need. This has to end.”

“Veterans have had our back, at a minimum Canada needs to take care of them,” added Singh. “This [motion] would end the theft of financing and resources for Veterans Affairs and ensure that we actually see the adequate levels of care and response times for veterans who have given so much.”

Jagmeet Singh hasn’t had many good ideas, and most of his proposals are dangerous socialist nonsense. But in this case, he and the NDP have a good idea, and they deserve credit for it. And it’s good to see the Conservatives and Liberals supporting it. Standing up for our Veterans is one thing that should always transcend politics and bring all of us together.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube