Trudeau Government Blew $23 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Over 600 Cars

The cars were for the G7 summit…

A new report reveals that the Trudeau government spent $23 million on over 600 cars for the G7 summit, and is now having trouble selling the cars to recoup our taxpayer dollars.

The vehicles were purchased by the RCMP, most of them for ‘motorcades’ for the G7 summit, even though the RCMP should have a massive fleet of such vehicles from the purchases of past decades.

The government is keeping under 10% of the cars.

According to a Postmedia report, “For “motorcade” purposes the government bought 154 Chevrolet Suburbans, 140 Touring-model Chrysler 300s, 109 Toyota Siennas and 28 Dodge Chargers. It acquired 88 Ford Escapes, 43 Mitsubishi Outlanders, 32 Nissan Rogues, 30 Dodge Journeys and seven Ford Explorers for “administrative” reasons. From August through October, the feds recouped about $6.3 million from selling 167 vehicles via a government surplus website, mostly out of Quebec City and Montreal. But the attempt to sell such an unusually large number of vehicles appears to be an uphill battle. In the last two weeks of October alone, almost 40 of the vehicle listings received no bids from potential buyers.”

This is just the latest example of the federal government showing total contempt for Canadian taxpayers, and the G7 has seen massive amounts of money thrown down the drain – under both Liberal & Conservative governments.

When it comes to the cars, some of them only 41km of mileage on them – including Chrysler 300s that cost up to $49,195.

Once again, we see that there’s one set of rules for the government elites – who blow our money on luxury cars, while telling us to tighten our belts while also saying that Veterans are ‘asking for too much.’

After seeing this disgusting waste of money, why should anyone want to pay taxes when our money gets spent so horribly?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Moe. S.

Recently on CBS the Current our Minister Polluter Princess McKenna gave advice to Canadians on lifestyle choices. “Your incentive (Canadians) is to think about, okay, when you buy your next vehicle. “Maybe I should choose to buy a more energy efficient vehicle.” Tell me folks, how many of those 600 cars bought with taxpayers money are ‘energy efficient’ vehicles? And I might add that Polluter Princess McKenna also has shuttle bus vans to service her environment and climate change, workers. Nothing but the best for lying Liberals!


Unacceptable! Any proper administration and supply acquisition and vehicle fleet management would have “Leased”, the required vehicles!

Eric Blair

Wasn’t the price tag of the G7 shindig somewhere in the range of $1 billion. What they paid for cars is chump change in that regard. Where else was the money spent for the G7?

Ron Werner

Gee, there’s that new system they came out with a few years back.
What’s it called? aahhh Oh yeah Rentals!! They could have rented the cars!! or a short lease.

Brian Dougan

So wearisome…But we’ll never read about it/hear about it in the MSM. It’s also quite apparent that Trudope can’t count past ten. Twenty-three million dollars on six hundred new automobiles? Big numbers just don’t compute in his little brain. The “rethink time and space” genius may just as well have handed the cash to the “irregular” border jumpers…as they slither across the line. Then–they would be able to tip the RCMP bellhops.

John Prevost

Do we not already hand the cash to the “irregular” border jumpers

Mike Allan

The stupidity never stops for the worthless trudope gov.Can someone pls tell me why a lot of Canadian voters thought the libtards would bring prosperity and freedoms.

Maggie Greenshields-Goethals

Trudeau will not be happy until there is nothing left. Even then he will borrow on Canada’s land or business or raise taxes some more or invent a new tax as long g as he is running the show!

Di Dan

Obviously you people have no idea how things work to procurement of government need. You think that rental companies want all those extra vehicles added to their fleets? The Cons spent 1.2 million to ship Harper’s limo to India., now that was definitely wasteful. Did you all complain about that? Of course not. Harper’s wife lived at the Laurier, I suppose you were good with that waste? They kept all those stray cats at 24 Sussex. Likely we paid to have the place fumigated and the stench from all those cats would need the floors be replace and the place… Read more »