VIDEO: Ahmed Hussen’s Dishonesty & Ignorance Exposed In Disastrous Interview

Hussen appears unaware that people can actually research whether what he says about illegal border crossers is true. And the facts aren’t even close to being on his side.

In a recent interview with Power & Politics, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen’s total dishonesty and ignorance was exposed for all to see.

Hussen was caught in numerous lies, including about the number of illegal border crossers, claims that Ontario government Minister Lisa MacLeod called illegal border crosser names, and falsely saying that there were no numbers showing illegal border crossers using up shelter space in Toronto.

On all of those issues, Hussen was caught saying outright lies, doubling down on his disgraceful demonization of Canadians who want our border secured and protected.

In the video put together by the True North Initiative, you can see the lowlights of Hussen’s disastrous interview below:

“ICYMI: Here are some highlights from Trudeau’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen’s disastrous interview on illegal border crossers.”

Ahmed Hussen made an absolute fool of himself in that interview, and showed that the entire ‘strategy’ of the Trudeau government on the border is to let illegal crossers breach the border in massive numbers, and then lie and demonize anyone who ‘dares’ to question them.

If Justin Trudeau actually wanted to serve Canadians and respect our laws, Hussen would already have been fired. But Hussen is doing Trudeau’s bidding, pushing the ‘post-nationalist’ agenda of wiping out our borders and turning our laws into a joke.

Until the Liberals are decisively defeated, their dangerous agenda will keep being implemented to the detriment of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

Trudeau and his gang of liberal miscreants must be investigated and charged with Treason and mlfeasance!!!


This guy is a freak. He should be ousted ASAP because he is paranoid and incompetent.

S Willis

I saw this interview the day it took place and quite literally almost fell off my chair in disbelief that a reporter was actually doing the job she is paid to do! It was actually no-nonsense, honest journalism!! The double whammy is that it came from a CBC reporter! Vassy Kapelos did an excellent job. She asked pointed questions, knew her stuff and did not let that idiot off the hook with his lies. BRAVO to her! Hussen is a LIAR and he proved it with his every word. I am sure that he was expecting the typical easy-peasy interview… Read more »

Anne-Margaret Welton

I was extremely happy that CBC was deep-digging to the truth as well. It is a nice change from Patekin guy who is so Liberal-biased his lenses actually translates the corruption into incredibly honest integrity. Time for a change. Let’s hope Trump is successful in the USA. We need to stop this mentally-unstable-thinking government from forcing us into something that is being set up for them and never the regular stream of people. We need healthy minds in power. God Bless Canada and the USA


Mr. Hussen is a Prime example of the failure of Multiculturalism! A refugee with no appreciation or respect for the country that took him in. And, when the government says that we need immigrants to fill “skilled” positions, this is what they bring. Canadians have high numbers of educated professionals and we don’t need these kind of morons that don’t even realize how easy it is to fact check their statements. In fact he is so stupid makes one wonder if it is all some kind of theatrics to deceive Canadians. Why is main stream media displaying the stupidity and… Read more »


All un-Canadians voted for this Hussain character, we really, really need “real” Canadians who care about Canadians and Canada, not the U.N., in our countries politics. We must vote Conservative, next election, and pray they are for Canada, not the U.N.s post national state run illegally by foreigners.

Gordon jackson

The BBC were reporting on Monday that Canada is the most multicultural country in the world. How did that happen to us?


Trudeau’s…that’s how!!!


U know the lies are so bad when even there own propaganda department is calling them out on it

Wendy Lush

a) the UN (not us) controls who enters or immigrates into Canada, and
b) immigration and refugee levels are set insanely high, and
c) there are billions of poor and/or abused people in the world, then

Canada will effectively become a refugee camp.

Eric Holl

It is so because Justin says it is so and all the agenda driven ideologues fall into place and push their misguided and ruinous objectives up to the point that they alter the law and all reason.

John Hardy

This guy is too much! He has no freaking idea what’s going on. He says the same thing about everyone but he especially targets woman!

John Hardy

Trudeau just gave CBC about 1.5 million??


Remove these corrupt fools. RCMP and the Military needs to investigate , charge and remove all these Liberals.

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his entire cabinet are a disgrace to all Canadians

Cheryl Prosyk

The destruction began when Junior was elected and if he is re elected the destruction will be completed. All I can say for a country that was Christian, is God help us all!