WATCH: Audience Rates Steve Bannon As Winner In Munk Debate Vs. David Frum On Populism

Given the chance to actually speak his mind himself as opposed to being demonized by the left, Steve Bannon makes a convincing case in the Munk debate.

Recently, Steve Bannon and David Frum faced off in a Munk Debate.

The resolution was “the future of western politics is populist, not liberal.”

Bannon – who helped lead Donald Trump to victory in 2016, was arguing in favour of the resolution, while Frum – who was a speechwriter for George W. Bush – argued against it.

Before the debate began, just 28% of people agreed with the resolution, while 72% were against it.

However, when the debate was finished, 57% agreed with the resolution, with just 43% against it.

It represents a decisive win for Bannon, who made the case for Populist Nationalism, and showed that he was more persuasive – even to an audience that started out against him.

This is why the left is trying so desperately to demonize and silence people like Bannon and other who argue for nationalism. The left knows that if people actually hear what Bannon has to say, many will realize that it makes sense. So, they try to stop people from ever hearing it.

It’s why defending free speech and free expression is so important, and the Munk Debates deserve lots of credit for standing up for free speech and refusing to stop the debate despite immense protests from anti-free speech leftists.

You can watch the full debate below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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fred Dimmick

Apparently not Spencer! Comes from trying to hard to be out in front. Although I believe Bannon to be correct. The left believe the pie in the sky propaganda that the Paikin types push which put us all in peril. Chaos will follow!

shawn harris

If you call yourself a Canadian, American , British and so on, then you are identifying yourself with your nationality and must support your country at all costs. Otherwise you are agreeing with leaders, such as Trudeau, who believe in globalism and the destructive effects it has on the countries that believe in it. Just look what globalism has done to Europe. After all Trudeau openly declared Canada to be the first post national state in the world. The leftist, socialists , progressives and politically correct, see no problem with destroying our country, if it allows them maintain power, that… Read more »

Irene Larivere

Shawn, thank you for pointing out truth.

Irene Larivere

The Liberal debater is seriously missing the heart and soul of a Patriot, he throws out his thoughts as though they are ‘Truth”. Calling the Trump/Populist movement evil is laughable! We have seen Mr Trudeau pay a terrorist 10.5 million dollars, he longs for the return of ISIS terrorists to Canada, refuse to take a stand against terrorism in Canada, and refuse decent standards of living to Canadian veterans while he kills the Canadian economy with Illegal Immigration. If Canada does not wake up to the Liberal propaganda, the Liberals will destroy Free Speech, which will in turn destroy the… Read more »