BETRAYAL: Trudeau Government ‘Pension For Life’ Promise To Veterans Actually CUTS Almost $500 MILLION Over Five Years

The lies from the federal government are endless.

When the Trudeau Liberals introduced their ‘pension for life’ promise to Veterans, they promised that it would lead to an increase of $3.6 billion in “additional” funding for Canadian Veterans.

But now, government documents reveal that the new pension system will actually result in almost $500 million less being spent on Veterans over the next five years, which means the Trudeau government is actually cutting nearly $500 million.

Here’s what was reported by the Globe & Mail:

“When the pensions were unveiled four days before Christmas last year, the government said they “represent an additional investment of close to $3.6-billion to support Canada’s Veterans.”

And on Jan. 31, Seamus O’Regan, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, told the House of Commons: “With our recent announcement of a Pension for Life, this government’s total investment in veterans in 2½ years is $10-billion” – a figure that includes the $3.6-billion for the pensions.

But the “additional” money for Pensions For Life, which come into effect in April, 2019, will be not be spent any time soon.

In fact, the government predicts in its most recent budget it will save $84-million in the next fiscal year and more than $100-million in each of the next four years as a result of the pensions program.

The savings are emphasized in the accompanying regulations, which were published in August.”

It’s another betrayal of Canadian Veterans.

The Trudeau government has been caught in another lie.

After two years supposedly getting the pension promise ready, they failed to do what they promised. Instead of simply restoring the original pension program and adjusting for inflation to bring payments to the right level, they changed it, and made it worse.

And now we find that even their new program actually cuts funding.

It’s disgusting, and it’s outrageous how the only time the Trudeau government seems worried about spending too much is when it comes to helping Canada’s Veterans.

Spencer Fernando

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Fourteen pages of discussion over two years at,124086.0.html (an unofficial CF website).


What a pathetic loser we Canadian citizens deserve better especially the veterans !

Trudy Craig

cut the pensions of the govt members, they have done nothing for us only themselves

Brian Dougan

Damn bunch of chronic liars. They wouldn’t say sh!t if their mouths were full of it.


The Governor General should dissolve parliament and call for new elections asap.
This ******* has to stop. What is wrong with the liberal backbenchers?

Norbert Kausen

I am a veternan, having served in the RCR and military intelligence, having deployed to the former Yugoslavia and to Afghanistan and I am deeply disgusted at this vile, reprehensible betrayal by the Fiberals on us, the veterans! I am an injured vet and received the one-time payout, which was nothing comparable to and far less than the former medical pension. Unfortunately, one would not expect anything else, other than just more betrayal, from these treacherous miscreants!

Moe. S.

According to the Nat. Post, Trudeau’s gov’t did not worry one iota about spending $337,000 dollars on a trip for “Team Canada” to Latvia, Croatia which turned into a free booze drunken junket on the plane. Yet, Canada’s Prime Mistake Trudeau told Corporal Brock Blaszczyk, veterans are, “asking for more money than we can give right now.”

Pierre Parisien

Once again the Veterans will pay the price. When is the government going to give us the repect and support needed.
I honestly believe that our PM, Justin Trudeau is a Radical Islam supporter, the question I ask is: will theoney he cuts from our veterans go to radical groups. It has been brought up in discussions at Parlement.
Will he keep disrecting those who served their country and given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives Mr Trudeau, at least have the common decency to acknowledge it publicly. In my opinion you are a discrace to our country.

David MacKAY

Trudeau’s government has voted in Bill 76 to change the election act to ensure they are never voted out – so they are not going to be paying any price for the evil they are doing …none at all.


The fact of the matter is this,VaC is the problem period,any VAC minister is just the yes man. I am sure one day,somebody will come forward with proof of the corruption within Vac