BETRAYAL: Trudeau Government ‘Pension For Life’ Promise To Veterans Actually CUTS Almost $500 MILLION Over Five Years

The lies from the federal government are endless.

When the Trudeau Liberals introduced their ‘pension for life’ promise to Veterans, they promised that it would lead to an increase of $3.6 billion in “additional” funding for Canadian Veterans.

But now, government documents reveal that the new pension system will actually result in almost $500 million less being spent on Veterans over the next five years, which means the Trudeau government is actually cutting nearly $500 million.

Here’s what was reported by the Globe & Mail:

“When the pensions were unveiled four days before Christmas last year, the government said they “represent an additional investment of close to $3.6-billion to support Canada’s Veterans.”

And on Jan. 31, Seamus O’Regan, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, told the House of Commons: “With our recent announcement of a Pension for Life, this government’s total investment in veterans in 2½ years is $10-billion” – a figure that includes the $3.6-billion for the pensions.

But the “additional” money for Pensions For Life, which come into effect in April, 2019, will be not be spent any time soon.

In fact, the government predicts in its most recent budget it will save $84-million in the next fiscal year and more than $100-million in each of the next four years as a result of the pensions program.

The savings are emphasized in the accompanying regulations, which were published in August.”

It’s another betrayal of Canadian Veterans.

The Trudeau government has been caught in another lie.

After two years supposedly getting the pension promise ready, they failed to do what they promised. Instead of simply restoring the original pension program and adjusting for inflation to bring payments to the right level, they changed it, and made it worse.

And now we find that even their new program actually cuts funding.

It’s disgusting, and it’s outrageous how the only time the Trudeau government seems worried about spending too much is when it comes to helping Canada’s Veterans.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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