‘BLUE WAVE’ TURNS TO TRICKLE: Democrats Gain In House, Republicans Surge In Senate

Republicans appear set to make strong gains in the Senate, while Democrats gained some seats in the House of Representatives.

The ‘Blue Wave’ hyped up by the establishment media has turned into a trickle.

While Democrats made some modest gains in the House of Representatives and may win a narrow majority, they faced serious losses in the Senate.

Democrats lost Senate seats in Indiana and North Dakota in early counting, and appear likely to lose Bill Nelson’s Senate seat in Florida as well.

Republicans appear set to strengthen their Senate majority, with more pro-Trump Republicans replacing senators who were skeptical of Trump.

The situation was different in the House of Representatives, where Fox News was first to call the chamber for the Democrats. While a sweeping victory for the Democrats didn’t materialize, they appear to have won enough of the close suburban swing districts to gain narrow control over the chamber.

Control of the House would give the Democrats broad investigatory powers, and would certainly make them a thorn in the side of the Trump Administration.

However, with the Republicans gaining in the Senate, they will retain the ability to continue shaping the U.S. judiciary in a more Conservative image.

The results are decent for the Trump Administration, who avoided a massive wipeout, and managed to maintain most of their support base.

Clearly, America remains politically divided, with Republicans maintaining most of the political power in Washington D.C.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Werner

So, you think that all those young adults brainwashed by the Dems had much to do with it?

Ken (Kulak)

I am disappointed that the House is now under Democrat control. A mentally disturbed Maxine and similarly disturbed radical members will be able to pursue and possibly force a varied harassment agenda against the president.

I am also disappointed that at first glance the radical left, such as this Cortez woman and Bernie Sanders, apparently received more support. This is a result of the leftist indoctrination in the educational system. Why is it that people keep being mesmerized by the illusion of a free lunch?

Ralph Knapp

The split between House and Senate should stop the only item the Democrats wanted to pursue – impeach Trump. The Democrats should also take heed of the fact that even with a 71% turnout, they still couldn’t gain control.