Ex-Governors General Should Be Totally Cut-Off From Taxpayer Money

If they are really so popular and important, they can raise money through voluntary donations.

The recent controversy over former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson billing massive amounts of expenses to taxpayers has caused people to look into the big benefits given to former Governors General.

While the original reports had said Clarkson was spending up to $100,000 in taxpayer dollars in retirement, it turns out that the waste was even worse, with Clarkson spending over $200,000 in some years.

And while there are calls for reviews and oversight of spending by former GGs, what really needs to happen is for ex-Governors General to be cut-off entirely from getting taxpayer money.

Think about it: Aside from pensions – and only certain jobs still offer that these days – the rest of us don’t keep getting money when we leave our job. When you’re done, you’re done. We don’t get to keep billing a company we worked for for expenses once we’ve left.

So why the hell should GGs – who already get paid way more than the average Canadian – be able to spend our tax dollars when they’ve left their job?

It makes zero sense – except for the obvious realization that the corrupt elite always rig the game in their favour at our expense.

Former GGs claim that they still have an important role once they leave the job, but that’s not really true. Their ‘important role’ gets transferred to the next GG.

And if a former GG really thinks they are so important and special and popular even after leaving, then they can solicit private, voluntary donations from Canadians, instead of forcing us all to pay for their aggrandizement and egos.

It’s time to cut-off former GGs from any taxpayer money, and make them live like the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

the ex GG”s just a bunch of leeches that expect the people to keep their gravy train going,and the thing gets me is that she is not ashamed of that.


Agree totally Spencer. Canada should be looking after Canadians at home in Canada, and none of us are paid that much or get huge pensions, it is theft, more forced taxes, neither should politicians be making so much when Canada is in so much debt, and we are told that the military and veterans ask for too much when they put their lives on the line for Canada. All these elites running our country like they are at the country club with all the Davos people, and this U.N. group cannot even add or subtract, just keep borrowing and taxing… Read more »

Moe. S.

Adrienne Clarkson, a pompous elitist believes Canadian taxpayers should continue to fill her ‘tin cup’ for her public vanity appearances and pet projects. During her royal reign, she never hesitated to remind taxpaying peasants, “I’m Adrienne Clarkson…and your not.” This womans free meal ticket at the taxpayer’s expense needs to end NOW!


So true. So far what I have observed over the years is the GG’s, “important position and opinions”, are not very well respected.
Many of the surveys and audits that GG’s office report, are serious in respect to the taxpyers, but the political governing offices do not pay any heed.
They usually dismiss the findings and advice.
A very large waste of many to pay the wages for surveyors to complete these time consuming audits and statistics.

Brian Dougan

I agree. If Clarkson thinks she’s so important; She should take her show on the road…maybe team up with the self important windbag “John Ralston Saul.” Wait a minute–They’re married! Even better for the leftists thirsting to see them; a two-fer. Let them pay for the privilege of sitting at the feet of the exalted ones. If I’m not mistaken; both have them have been CBC trough dwellers. My my my…The CBC and the Liberals are behind most of this waste. Who’d a thunk it?


Just imagine the millions the current self-important GG is going to drain from our wallets. Decades of how humans are 100% responsible for seasons and climate to change and the tide to go in and out. Heck, she possibly thinks the sun comes back every day just to shine on her and Trudeau.


Makes one ponder just how much information we (THE PUBLIC) have access to and how much of what you hear is Disinformation ?


Especially now, since we have a GG that doesn’t like her job. Julie Payette should resign or be fired and all her privileges should be taken away immediately. We have in the past GG’s that have done a great job during and after their terms, but now with the Trudeau elitist government, their policy is take it while you can.


Could Trudeau appoint Khadr as the next GG?