Maxime Bernier Slams Paris Climate Accord

“Why are you signing an agreement if you’re not able to achieve the goals that you said that you will achieve?” asked Bernier.

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier slammed the Paris Climate Accord, and says he’s the only politician in Ottawa who opposes it.

Bernier made the comments in an interview with CTV News:

“Actually, I’m the only politician in Ottawa who is against the Paris Accord.”

Added Bernier, “They’re saying to people that they will achieve the targets of the Paris Accord and every expert, they know that they won’t. So why are you signing an agreement if you’re not able to achieve the goals that you said that you will achieve? So that’s why we are against the Paris Accord.”

The report notes that Bernier also called the accord a “giant Marxist wealth redistribution scheme,” which is an accurate description given how it requires Western nations that are already reducing emissions to devastate their economies while countries like Communist China get to keep on expanding emissions.

Bernier is correct that among national party leaders only he opposes the Accord, as Andrew Scheer, Justin Trudeau, and Jagmeet Singh have all pledged to support it.

Notably, the Trudeau government is planning to massively miss the targets, revealing the entire thing as a dangerous virtue-signalling farce.

Bernier deserves credit for being honest with the Canadian People and opposing the absolute pile of garbage that is the Paris Accord.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

The idea is to get rid of the narcissistic dimwit Trudeau, not split the votes,between your party and the conservatives


Why? I’d rather vote for someone I respect, not an almost-Trudeau.


Mr. Harper did not agree with it either, or the U.N., so I really hope that Mr. Andrew Scheer will decide to step out of it too, just as you say Spencer and Maxime Bernier says. Still just to save our country I will vote as always Conservative the election is way too important to take Maximes words on anything at present and dividing the vote really at this time is really bad.

Ron Voss

Mr. Scheer stepped into the Paris Climate Accord when he whipped his MPs in June 2017 to support a Liberal motion affirming the Accord. In interviews with the media Scheer has declared that he will meet the targets for the Paris Climate Accord.


Remember, he can always side with the Conservatives and use the Liberal culture of the threat of blackmail against them. Remember, Canadians had to submit to Trudeau and check the box if they wanted any Summer Job funds.

PS: The NCCM didn’t check the abortion box because abortion offends Alla, yet Trudeau still went ahead and gave the $23 million to promote M-103.

The sooner we flush Trudeau the sooner we get some sanity in the Government.


Christopher Montcalm, a minister relating to Science and Technology in Margret Thatcher’s Government stated that PM Harper would not be re-elected and the UN would see to it because Harper refused to accept the Paris accord. M. thatcher lost her PM’s office for the same reason. The PM of Australia also was not re-elected. The UN, NWO made sure of that. Look at the WAR against Trump! This is the pressure from the UN, NWO TO “get rid of him” because Trump has refused to surrender American sovereignty to this NWO authority, and stated so. Trudeau has surrendered CANADA’S Sovereignty… Read more »

Ron Voss

As Brad Trost pointed out with respect to this CTV report at his Facebook page, “Cheryl Gallant was the ONLY Conservative MP to vote against the Paris Climate Accord. I abstained from the vote not to embarrass the new leader after campaigning AGAINST it in the leadership race. So the claim that Bernier is the only politician in Ottawa against the Paris Climate Accord is bunk.”. Great that Bernier slams the Paris Climate Accord. However, he knows full well that Trost campaigned against it. In fact, a few weeks ago Trost issued a challenge to Bernier and Scheer to walk… Read more »


The UN totally debunked the whole Climate Change Package the other day and it is mainly an Al Gore SMOKESCREEN and Lie !

Glen Aldridge

You finally get a Politician that calls it like it really is, leaves the Conservatives because of their Liberal policies instead of following what Canadians want & when the Conservatives enact just as bad policies as The Liberals, they’ll be saying, “we should have voted for Bernier.” The VOTE was already split by Scheer when he decided not to follow the Conservative platform & if any of the other party MP’s had not been such sheeple they would have quit too.

Douglas Eddy

good for him, Trump doesn’t think much of it either, I hope the majority is with him, Godspeed!

S Willis

A politician who tells the truth… how refreshing. I regret not voting for Bernier during the leadership race. I most definitely did not vote for Sheer either as even then he did not rise to the top as a strong leader in my view. For me, it is impossible to not be very disgusted and disappointed in Andrew Sheer with his pandering, his support for the climate hoax aka Paris Accord and backing Trudeau’s idiotic posturing during the NAFTA negotiations.


Looooove maxime