REPORT: Tony Clement Resigns From Shadow Minister Role & House Committee Assignments

In statement, Clement says he shared explicit images.

Conservative MP Tony Clement has resigned his Shadow Minister of Justice role and his House of Commons Committee assignments due to a personal scandal.

In a statement, Clement said he shared “sexually explicit images and a video of myself to someone who I believed was a consenting female recipient.”

Added Clement, “the recipient was, in fact, an individual or party who targeted me for the purpose of financial extortion.”

Clement’s full statement can be viewed below:

Tony Clement Statement

Clement remains an MP.

Spencer Fernando

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Gloria Saunders

Dumb Dumb – Mr Clements. Everybody is out for anything they can get from whomever they can get it from.

alan skelhorne

but trudeau is or was a groper, yet he walks free as a bird.

J Morse

Yes Tony go ahead and protect your family’s privacy. That aughta be a cakewalk. Jeez man who in hell would want to see you in such videos anyways. It is not only humiliating for your family but for conservative as well. Idiocy.


Our world with computers, humans need to adapt – if you put it out there it could come back to bite you. you really do not know who or what your communicating to, but as a politician, with a law degree, he really should have known better, but we all do stupid things on the spur of the moment and so many people fall into these traps and it would be very embarrassing to you and your family. He is old enough to know better, sorry for his family and him, but he broke no laws? the other end did… Read more »