Catherine McKenna Busted Spreading Fearmongering Fake News About ‘Climate’ Deaths

McKenna and Trudeau are trying to sell the hated carbon tax based on lies and deception.

Catherine McKenna has been busted spreading fake news about ‘climate’ deaths.

As reported by Blacklocks Reporter, McKenna claimed that a recent ‘increase’ in heatwave deaths in Quebec were a justification for the carbon tax.

Except, there was no increase:

“Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s claims of climate change fatalities are contradicted by new data. McKenna repeatedly pointed to a surge in deaths in a July heat wave in Québec as proof of the need for a national carbon tax. Figures show the death rate in July was the same as last year.

The Québec Institute of Statistics said deaths across the province for the month totaled 5000, the same as the identical period last year. Deaths for July were comparable to the ten-year average and below a peak of 5,072 deaths in July 2010, when average temperatures were two degrees cooler.”

McKenna had said there was “extreme heat that’s literally killing people.” She also said “90 people died in Quebec this summer because of extreme heat.”

But that claim was based upon “unnamed local authorities.”

And as noted by Blacklocks, “Health Canada in a 2018 study Qualitative Research On Health Professionals’ Awareness And Perceptions Of Heat Health Issues concluded that “extreme heat is not viewed as a major problem”. Doctors surveyed by department pollsters described heat-related deaths as “very rare” in Canada.”

So, without any data to back her up, and with data actually contradicting what she said, McKenna is trying to fearmonger Canadians over ‘climate’ heat deaths in an attempt to sell the carbon tax grab.

It’s a disgusting tactic, and it should be condemned by all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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