REPORT: Tony Clement Out Of Conservative Caucus

After “new information,” Andrew Scheer asked Clement to resign.

Tony Clement is out of the Conservative Caucus.

Clement resigned at Andrew Scheer’s request after “new information” emerged. Clement had already stepped down from his critic roles after revelaing he was being extorted for 50,000 Euros after sending sexually explicit images of himself to a woman.

Andrew Scheer noted that it seems Clement’s scandal “is not an isolated incident.”

“BREAKING: Andrew Scheer says he’s asked Tony Clement to resign from caucus following “new information” i.e. allegations that suggest this wasn’t an isolated incident.”

Clement still remains an MP, but will now sit as an independent.

It is unknown whether Clement would even be allowed to run for the Conservatives in 2019.

RCMP are now investigating.

Clement had previously been on the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians. As part of that role, he had access to top secret information.

It is not known whether Clement’s former position on that committee had anything to do with the extortion attempt.

With the Liberals maintaining a majority in Parliament, and the Conservatives far ahead of the NDP in seats, Clement’s departure does nothing to change the overall situation in the capital.

Spencer Fernando

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This is way more serious. When you say “this is not an isolated incident” does this mean Tony Clement had more contact with this woman+ or that more people in government also had contacts the same way, or do we not know? I hope the RCMP can get to the bottom of this and that since it concerns Canada’s safety we Canadians will be told what was going on.