Trudeau Refuses To Stop Stats Canada Attack On Our Private Info, Brings Up Census Instead

Rather than the government working for the People, Trudeau and Stats Canada think we work for them.

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer once again demanded that Justin Trudeau finally stand up for Canadians and stop Stats Canada from invading our privacy and taking our private banking information without our consent.

Trudeau refused to do so.

Instead, he tried deflecting onto talking about the long form census, and attacked the Conservatives.

Trudeau has now made his position quite clear:

He stands with Stats Canada against the privacy of the Canadian People.

The government is supposed to work for and serve the Canadian People. But Justin Trudeau and the arrogant Stats Canada bureaucrats clearly believe that the Canadian People exist to work for and serve the government.

It’s totally upside down, and it’s very dangerous, because a government willing to invade our privacy and take our private info without even asking us is a government that will go to nearly any lengths to maintain power and control.

You can watch Trudeau’s disgraceful refusal to stand up for Canadians below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Mike Allan

trudope will keep on infringing our our rights and freedoms until he’s stopped.where are you Andrew Scheer and every conservative mp.Get the word out coast to coast with tv and radio spots. If you want to lead this country show us.

Don Taylor

If canadians don’t vote this ignorant,arrogant POS out in the next election the Globalist will be coming for you

David MacKAY

Actualy Andrew it’s not info on thousands of people its millions – Canada is really big Mr. Scheer

Moe. S.

It’s not the data older generations of Canadians are afraid of, it is the way history has taught us that ‘data’ can be used against us. Trudeau’s historical ignorance is dangerous. History taught us the extermination of the European Jewish population was based on “mandatory census data” collected by the Germans. Originally the census form was designed to ‘help’ the German people, however, the data eventually was used to gather-up and exterminate the Jews. How possible? Upon entering the U.S. Holocaust Museum on display is one of the IBM Hollerith “punch card data machines” used by the Hilter regime. These… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Could it be that Trudeau will be using StatsCan as a backdoor to covertly create a massive dossier on each Canadian, with financial, medical, psych profile, net history, location (GPS), etc for each of us? I wouldn’t put it past him.

The StatsCan Stasi. Has a nice ring to it.


Again all I can say is thanks to the eastern electorate for this.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is a vile, reprehensible narcissist, who delusionally thinks he is the supreme dictator of Canada! He is a treasonous twerp who must be charged with treason and malfeasance, along with his gang of liberal miscreants!

Eric Blair

Something is up at StatsCan.
I remember back in Sept 2016 that StatsCan chief statistician resigned over an issue with Shared Services Canada (the fed’s IT division). Read it here:
This Wayne Smith resigned because he felt that in part the confidentiality of information was compromised by having outside services for its IT department as in Shared Services Canada. Maybe there was more to his resignation that just having to Shared Services snoop around their data. And now we have this about StatsCan demanding private information on Canadians without their agreement.