Ambulance Chasers? Why The Conservatives Deserve Credit For Pressuring Trudeau Government On McClintic Transfer

Trudeau demonized the Conservatives as ‘ambulance chasing politicians,’ but Canadians agreed with the Opposition: Terri-Lynne McClintic had to be put back behind bars.

The transfer of killer Terri-Lynne McClintic from a healing lodge back to prison is long-overdue.

And it likely wouldn’t have happened if not for the diligent work of Rodney Stafford and the effort of the Conservatives in Parliament to bring attention to the issue.

Remember, when the Conservatives brought it up, it started getting a lot more media attention, helping wake up many Canadians to the absolute disgrace of the killer McClintic being put in a minimum-security facility without fences.

Then, Justin Trudeau tried to demonize the Conservatives into silence, calling them ambulance chasing politicians, skipping a vote on condemning the transfer (to launch his disgusting political attacks instead), and directing Liberal MPs to vote against the transfer.

Also, the Liberals had claimed that they had no power to do anything about the transfer – even though the Justice Minister controls the Justice System.

Through it all, the Conservatives refused to back down, making the government continue answering for the outrageous transfer. They weren’t ‘ambulance chasers,’ they were Canadians seeking justice.

And now, McClintic has been transferred out of the minimum security location, and is behind bars once again.

It’s fair to say this wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of the Conservatives – who ignored Trudeau’s demonization tactics and kept demanding justice.

Those efforts paid off.

And of course, none of it would have happened without the efforts of Rodney Stafford, who deserves the most credit for getting the transfer to take place. It’s just a shame and a disgrace that he had to fight so hard against his own federal government to get justice.

Spencer Fernando

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