GOOD: Bernier Rejects Virtue-Signalling ‘Feminist’ Label

Says he believes in “people, and you don’t need to be a feminist for that.”

Maxime Bernier has rejected the ‘feminist’ label, something which has become used by politicians for virtue-signalling and thus stripped of all real meaning.

Speaking to CBC, Bernier said“I believe in people, and you don’t need to be a feminist for that.” Canada’s three main party leaders have all declared themselves feminists, but Bernier said he doesn’t like the term because of its association with left-wing politics. “I’m not focusing on you because you are part of a faith, or because you are a lady, or because you are man, [but] because you are Canadians,” he said.”

Bernier also rejected gender quotas:

“I won’t say that I will have 50 per cent men, 50 per cent woman, but the ratio must be around that. If you’re choosing somebody that doesn’t have the competence, but because it’s a young guy, or it’s a lady or if it’s a man, it’s a positive discrimination and I won’t push that.”

In contrast to Bernier, Trudeau, Scheer, and Singh all call themselves ‘feminists.’

The term has changed in meaning, from an effort to win legal equality for women, to a term that now is used to justify far-leftist ideology and empty virtue-signalling.

For example, Justin Trudeau simultaneously calls himself a feminist while allowing ISIS fighters (who treat women horribly) return to Canada, while selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and while remaining silent on multiple attacks against pro-life Canadian women that were caught on video.

Scheer and Singh seem to identify themselves as feminists in an effort to keep up with Trudeau’s branding.

So, Bernier is right to reject that nonsense and focus on treating everyone equally based on the shared identity that should matter most: Being Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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