READ: Tony Clement Issues Letter To His Constituents

The MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka says he’ll be staying on.

Tony Clement has issued a letter to his constituents following his recent scandal. The full text of the letter can be read below:

This is Tony Clement and this message is for my constituents in Parry Sound–Muskoka.

I have had the tremendous honour and privilege of serving as your Member of Parliament since 2006, a trust that has been renewed through four consecutive federal elections. Whether on the government or opposition side of the aisle, whether serving at the Cabinet table or on the back bench, my top priority has always been, and continues to be, working for the people and communities of Parry Sound–Muskoka. I have done so tirelessly, with passion and enjoyment from the first moment I received the honour to work on your behalf.

I have always aimed to serve with humility and today, I am writing to you directly to address a number of poor decisions in my personal and private life. During a period of personal difficulty and weakness I engaged in inappropriate exchanges that crossed lines that should never have been crossed. These exchanges led to acts of infidelity. One inappropriate exchange led to a woman being offered money by an anonymous social media account in exchange for the disclosure of intimate and personal information. I immediately reported this personal matter to the OPP last summer. Most recently, another inappropriate exchange led to foreign actors attempting to use my indiscretion for financial extortion which, without hesitation or second thought, I immediately reported to the RCMP. While these exchanges were entirely consensual and mutual, they were absolutely wrong and should never have occurred.

In conducting myself this way I’ve let down myself, my family, my friends and supporters, my community, my work colleagues, and my staff — basically everyone I care about and who care about me. Pride and vanity got the better of me, and shame held me back from getting back to the path of good. I apologize to the women with whom the exchanges occurred, and I also apologize to anyone else who felt in any way that I crossed online boundaries that made them feel uncomfortable, even without my knowing. I am deeply sorry.

I want to be clear that at no time have these personal lapses impacted or involved my day to day work as a Member of Parliament on behalf of our communities. That said, I offer you no excuses for my conduct. I take full responsibility. Members of Parliament are expected to set a high standard, a standard I have failed to meet.

In particular, I have failed the most important person in my life, my wife who has been with me through the many ups and downs of public service. She has made many sacrifices along the way in order to build a loving home and a wonderful family. I cannot undo the pain and hurt my actions have caused. All I can do is own up to what I have done and commit myself to rebuilding our trust, however long that may take. The mistakes I have made in my personal life, for those who know me, do not reflect who I am. I am resolved to refocus, to work hard, and to heal the damage I have caused to those most important in my life.

I love my job and I love my family. I am committed to getting the professional help I need to continue serving my family, my community and my country in whatever ways I can. I wish to sincerely thank the many members of our community who have reached out to convey their thoughts and prayers to me. I can assure the residents of Parry Sound–Muskoka that my offices remain open and at your service, and that I will continue to uphold the responsibilities of being your Member of Parliament.


Tony Clement

M.P., Parry Sound–Muskoka


– Richard Pikitis reporting for

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Don Taylor

he is admitting to his wrong doing,he should step down NOW

Elizabeth Thorne


David MacKAY

So what Tony is really saying is that if he had not been caught we would have never known what Type of Sleaze Ball he really is. And that he will try not to get caught again.
I guess it’s because Tony sees himself like Justin Trudeaa.. you know a groper of women and he will just ignore it and keep his job.
After all Scheer and his colleagues gave Trudeau a pass so why not Tony?


This is all blablabla because the real issue is that Tony Clement used a federal government computer to do what he did and it consists to be a matter of national security. It is a breach. The first time that Clement did what he did was last summer and the high national security was alerted of this. And Clement was warned. The second time nothing was said. In Quebec, that is what they are talking about the breach in national security. In Ontario, the talk is different. Do we really care that Clement shows images of himself or whatever on… Read more »