WATCH: Trudeau Pretends To Oppose ‘Division’ While Talking To CNN, But Video Evidence Says Otherwise

More and more hypocrisy.

Justin Trudeau recently played his favourite game: Going on foreign media and pretending that he opposes everything bad in the world.

Speaking to CNN, Trudeau pretended to be opposed to ‘division,’ and hilariously claimed that he supports ‘diversity of opinion.’

It’s what he always does when he talks to foreign media. He acts as if he is the only thing standing between Canada and horrifically destructive ‘divisive’ politics.

And foreign audiences, who rarely if ever see actual clips of Canadian Politics, eat it up, believing Trudeau to be who he sells himself as.

But back here in Canada, we can see how easily the lie is exposed.

In fact, Justin Trudeau has done more than any Canadian politician to contribute to the rising anger and divisiveness we see in our country.

He and his Liberals brutally demonize their opponents, accuse opponents of horrible things, and try to silence opposing voices.

And in the video below, you can see the gigantic gap between Trudeau’s fake CNN image, and the reality of what we experience here at home in Canada:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Elizabeth Thorne

Thank you for the good laugh.


And why no one in Canada believes politicians anymore. When we do have a miracle like truthful Doug Ford really appears to be, keeping his promises so well. we watch him closely doing all he is doing so well even against this huge debt and mess the LIEberals make still and made, and can only love and thank him.
As we all keep saying, the corrupt U.N. run lying Trudeau and puppets are stealing and destroying our country and they must be taken out, with the rest of the trash (taxes, debt, lies etc.) they have brought here.


Notice how his voice has changed for interviews like this. Soft, gentle, feminine like.


what keeps me up at night ; THE SIZE OF HIS BRAIN ….

alan skelhorne

what a joke this so called pm, cnn. what a joke

Norbert Kausen

That is the problem with burning out from smoking too much dope… delusional euphoria! It also helps to be a pathological liar!!!

shawn harris

Trudeau must be stupendously tone deaf to the hypocrisy of his own words. Especially when every single Canadian has experienced his arrogant and deceitful words and actions. All wrapped up in his own twisted vision of being virtuous. Trudeau pretends to be supportive , friendly and agreeable, only so long as he gets what he wants. But when challenged, out comes the lies deceit, name calling, demonization, arrogance and division. The very things he claims to keep him up at night and worries about. If there ever should be an award for hypocrisy, then Trudeau would be the winner., bar… Read more »

Van Wyck

BS artist.


CNN is a untrustworthy network just like Justin Trudeau is untrustworthy he is a pathetic.

Elaine Finn

Total hypocrite!! The most despised so called pm who is the real divisive one.
He’s the hater, of anything Canadian and a traitor to this once great nation. Why is he not stopped & imprisoned for the extremism and damage done by flouting our laws as well as treason.

Gonzo the Magnificent

As long as that diversity agrees with his ideology, like repatriating ISIS fighters; stopping/slowing development of oil pipelines and oil industry; having his Attorney General and himself express an opinion on a justice matter that had already been determined by the criminal court against a First Nations man; climate change; letting ILLEGALS make Swiss cheese of our southern border and then reward this behavior with accommodations and eventual citizenship; cutting off summer job funds from people that don’t hold his views on abortion.

I am getting sick of thinking about them all, so enough said about that phony.


A master piece of truth. Thank you again Spencer.