WATCH: Trudeau Pretends To Oppose ‘Division’ While Talking To CNN, But Video Evidence Says Otherwise

More and more hypocrisy.

Justin Trudeau recently played his favourite game: Going on foreign media and pretending that he opposes everything bad in the world.

Speaking to CNN, Trudeau pretended to be opposed to ‘division,’ and hilariously claimed that he supports ‘diversity of opinion.’

It’s what he always does when he talks to foreign media. He acts as if he is the only thing standing between Canada and horrifically destructive ‘divisive’ politics.

And foreign audiences, who rarely if ever see actual clips of Canadian Politics, eat it up, believing Trudeau to be who he sells himself as.

But back here in Canada, we can see how easily the lie is exposed.

In fact, Justin Trudeau has done more than any Canadian politician to contribute to the rising anger and divisiveness we see in our country.

He and his Liberals brutally demonize their opponents, accuse opponents of horrible things, and try to silence opposing voices.

And in the video below, you can see the gigantic gap between Trudeau’s fake CNN image, and the reality of what we experience here at home in Canada:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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